Kvé∂a with Susan Jane

A discussion with

Susan Jane

The Alaska Ulfhé∂nar is proud to introduce a wonderful guest and fellow partitioner in this Kvé∂a of Gal∂r magic. This conversation with Susan Jane, the Intuitist, a published author, inspirational speaker, life/business mentor, and Event Director of the Personal Growth Expo.

Susan has spent over 40 years encouraging people to connect, develop and trust their intuition to enable them to make confident decisions in line with their true core values. With three young children, Susan set about connecting with her local community. She led a successful project with young families, which culminated in a nomination for Australian Citizen of the Year. However, Susan’s life changed dramatically when her 20-year marriage ended and she had to rediscover who she was and what she really wanted. Susan is another bright example of how one maintains the power and energy within themselves to change their trajectory through this physical life time. 

Find out more on her website at https://intuitivenature.com.au/

You can also check out her Podcast on


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