Lǽring: A spiritual tour

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Today, I’d like to level set our understanding of my experience, and explanation of the spiritual world around us at all times. Before getting too in-depth, let me explain that, I am not one who “hear voices”, nor any form of comical display of what these spirits are. I have studied the theology, and ideology behind the expansion of the human mind, from the days discussed in the “Out of Africa” evolution theory. However, there are some twists that were applied during the continued expansion of the human mind, leading up to the time that humans discovered the ability to manipulate and control others with the idea of the unknown.

Spirits have been around long before the humans walked upright. According to the legends, they originated when Ódinn and his brothers slew Ymir, existence’s first being, and a giant. As the legends describe, the brothers slew Ymir, and used his parts to form Midgard (earth), and the skies above it. They also broke apart the spirit of Ymir, and placed a small piece of each: the good, and the bad, into every life form in Midgard. Trees, plants, animals, and humans alike were all given a portion of each. They gave the darker spirit to each, to ensure that the individuals would hunt, and be fed. They gave the lighter part, so that the individuals would love, and procreate. 

An ancient Navajo saying was that “there are two wolves within us, which one will you feed?” This meant that those individuals tens of thousands of miles away recognized this gift. The indigenous peoples of North America who migrated across the Beringia Land Bridge understood the balance of life in the same way that my ancestors did in those early days of the northern migration of the germanic tribes into Scandinavia. So, the pieces begin to come together.

Throughout the millennia of life on this planet, we can be assured that there are many spirits within this world who are older than we can even imagine. These spirits speak to us in ways that many choose to ignore, however, for those of us who have chosen to listen, they can help us understand the journey of humankind, as well as our ultimate destination. There are spirits all around us, and part of the conception process includes a split of the parents spirit parts as the necessary installation into the unborn. This process continues through every generation.

As we travel through life, we have many opportunities to draw upon the wisdom, and strength of the Landvætti to assist us in vanquishing the challenges placed by the fates into our passage. As spiritual beings, they too have both the dark, and the lighter spirits within them, and therefore there are some of these spirits who may bring darker thoughts, and actions into our existence. We have the power to obtain the balance within our lives by bringing to the forefront of this battle, the opposite to what comes at us. If the attack is dark in nature, then we must focus and bring the light. If it is overwhelmingly good, then balance must be placed to ensure we live the best life.


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