Lǽring: Being One’s Self

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Today’s message is speaking about the gift that you are. Many have come to me with concerns about the self-worth. Saying that they were not good enough for a promotion, or a relationship, or some other perceived symbol of success. They seem to focus on the idea that if they could just be better, faster, smarter, or better looking, that they could find the success they want.

What I am always amazed with, is that the individuals who come to me with this dilemma are beautiful people who are very intelligent. Which leads me to believe that they are using the success yardstick of the social network, either electronic, or in-person. There is always the superficial approval from other members of their social networks, especially their parents. However, these superficial compliments can actually work against the giver of them, as it is then perceived by the recipient

I am always reminded of my ancestors who should have coined the expression “use then reuse” as they would not have cared what they looked like while accomplishing the tasks necessary. The social media yardstick would have completed cartwheels as most of my ancestors didn’t give two thoughts about what others thought as long as the task was accomplished.

This comes back to what our mother always told us when we were kids, “if they’re not nice, they’re not your friends”. You should know that you really are a work of art just the way you are. The biological facts alone about your existence isn’t understood by modern humans yet, therefore you are an incredible creation.

Aside from that, when we consider what the fates have chosen for our paths, we must know that their only purpose in life is to guide us to joining our ancestors  You are a perfect intersection between what the gods have planned for your lessons here on Midgard, and what the fates have in store for you and the people around you. So, that each of you can take comfort that, even the challenges you face in your life, are all a part of your learning exercise throughout your physical lifetimes. You are perfect, how and where you are right now.

So, the next time you are feeling down, or trodden, I would ask you to take a big breath, slow breath in, and slow breath out. Then, focus on yourself. Consider every success you’ve accomplished. Seriously consider every challenge you’ve faced, and remember that you conquered it. Not your parents, not your brothers or sisters, no one else, you. Certainly not an imaginary being written into a history book. You. This is where I have differences with the mainstream church, when you conquer a challenge in your life. You did it. So, you are certainly worth it. You are a winner.


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