Lǽring: Emotional journey of life.

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So, let’s talk about the impact of emotions on our daily life, as well as our overall lifetimes. What exactly are emotions you may ask? Terms like anger, fear, sadness, glee, love, and many others are the immediate thoughts that come to mind. However, from a biological perspective, emotions are merely a chemical infusion into the blood stream by organs within the body. This chemical infusion races through the blood stream and into the brain where it wrecks havoc on the ph balance within the brain. This causes most of the electrical circuitry within the brain to essentially short circuit.

These patterns are recognized by the memory cells, and then associated with the proper physical response. Now, there may be additional factors that can affect this, or the brain can get “confused” and misidentify the chemical imbalance to an inappropriate physical response. This is the responses we actually see from the outside. These are the emotional responses that we will spend most of our lives reacting to.

This is the portion of your physical lifetime that you are here on Midgard to learn. So, by accepting the idea that you must learn to control the impact of emotions on your rational thought is what should be your focus during your lifetimes. One of the major concepts we’ll discuss is the dedicated, or what some may call 1%er. What is the idea of this “1%er”? The idea of 1%er is that they are totally committed to their cause. Whether that be a motorcycle club, or a fighter pilot, or an educator, the idea is that you totally commit to the success. The upside is that these individuals may discover that they find “their niche” or a feeling of overwhelming completion. Where this new skill or association fills the void for what they have been looking for.

Those individuals who fit into this category may find themselves riding an emotional roller-coaster, as their chemical releases can be extreme. Pushing whatever chemical to incredible limits, making them seem very emotional, or the other extreme would be incredibly stoic. Emotions, remember our mission in this life is learning how to control our emotions to be able to function rationally while under duress.

Remember, the best part of life is begun when you decide to allow the emotions to take you to new heights in intellectual and spiritual understandings. The best thing you have do is to feel.


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