Lǽring: Gaining wisdom from the ancients

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Today I would like to talk about gaining knowledge and wisdom from the stories told by the legends of antiquity. What many people overlook when attempting to gather wisdom from our ancestors, is the much less scattered, or busy they were as a general rule of thumb. With this decrease in distractions, and perceptions of needed material gains, they were more able to garner knowledge from the time and space they occupied. This possible reduction of busyness would have given them more time to contemplate, more deeply, their life’s choices.

For us to fully appreciate this ability, one must first remove the constant pressure from distraction that we live in this modern day world. We must remember that many of the writings we have received were written by candlelight, or natural daylight. The amount of electronic distractions need to be calmed within our minds, for us to fully appreciate the potential of the space in time. As an example, submerging the entire body in a pool of water, leaving only the mouth and nose exposed.

Simplicity is the vehicle that can get us to wisdom. Without the material, and modern technological distractions that plague modern society, we find the alteration of time can enhance the ability to garner larger, more complex thoughts capable of obtaining wisdom. This is really where we hear about all the stereotypes of the guru separated from society providing wisdom to the strangers who seek them out. Many practices of the eastern meditation teach us that solitude is the best encouragement for obtaining tranquility, again fostering greater thought freedom, promoting the experiences into the caramelization process that becomes knowledge, and ultimately wisdom.

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