Lǽring: Humankind’s eternal arrogance.

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Ah yes, finite thoughts of humans on Midgard think they know the level of possible thoughts of an infinite being. This is my favorite discussion to have with the devout students of theology. When considering the idea of infinite thoughts, we need to consider the thought capability of every human that has ever lived, and multiply that by billions, to even get within the really large ball park of an infinite being.

Considering all the people, animals, and life forms in general, just here on Midgard, then immediately assume any other planets inhabitable throughout the eternity of space, one should come to the realization of the level of thought and interaction that these gods would have.

One of the major issues caused by this arrogance among humans is that they are convinced, sometimes beyond reason, that they “know” what it is to be a god. They “know” what god meant when he said this, or that, or did this, or did that. They “know” what he meant when he gave them their supposed guidance. Their finite little minds attempting to wrap around the conscious thoughts of a infinite being. I’m sorry I just find this absolutely hilarious.

What many of these people don’t understand is that our gods truly gave to man the concept of “free will”, or in other words freedom to make choices within our lifetime for ourselves. Without a final destination, or objective, we (as humans) travel through time (aging) and space (our environment) to arrive at the lessons that we are sent here to learn. Our ability to change directions throughout our lifetimes allow us the opportunity to make things better, or worse, within our lives.

So, to us the idea that we do not respond to any infinite being, we can live our lives without worry of meeting any preconceived notion of good or bad. However, my understanding is that of ignorance, except what is necessary for my life. I have no need to translate what my gods say, as they speak clearly, but then use the fates, and the spirits to keep me on the path that they “suggest”.

Next time you are feeling blue, or depressed, simply remember that you have the power to change your direction in life. The divine intervertion between one’s birth, and one’s death, is only suggested to remind us to live an honorable life.


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