Lǽring: Living our lives as equals

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Living life as equals. What does that mean?  Many of the world have attempted to change the teachings and culture of the ancient Dane warriors into a message of hate and division, and that is the farthest thing from the truth. We (and I include myself as a Dane) believe in a system of equality and trust. In this manner, we have a belief of treating all people unless proven otherwise.

The first equal in my life is my partner, my wife of over 30 years, and the mother of all my children. She brings to our marriage many skills and abilities that I don’t possess, and I have some that she does not. We are equals. If we are both home, we divide the skills necessary to keep our home life running smooth, and each contribute. She is neither beneath, nor above, me. Shoulder to shoulder we face this worlds challenges together.

Next on my list of equals are my work colleagues. I have always been, and will always remain, a staunch supporter of the principle of teamwork. I constantly strive to create teams wherever I work, by bringing in others who may have skills and abilities I don’t have, and offer to them the ones I do have.

Finally, the last group is my take on the general population. Yes, even though I disagree with many of them, I let others dictate my interaction with them. However, I am not to be crossed, nor my family threatened. In those two cases I reserve another facet of myself for. For the most part, if others are accepting of me, then I mirror their intentions, regardless of the media driven biases. 

My world is about finding equality. I constantly seek to find it in every interaction I have. Now, if we could all feel that way.


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