Lǽring: Mystical Forces in the natural world.

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Today I’d like to speak about that knowledge that the church wants to hush, mystical powers of the natural world. The message that has been told since the inception of monotheism is that their god performs all the miracles, whereas those of us who know, know better. Today I’d like to introduce you to three levels of spiritual interfaces to our daily life:

  1. There are powers (or energies) throughout the universe. These powers we refer to as gods. Many have learned to temporarily leave their physical bodies and traverse the nine realms of existence.
  2. There are spirits in all living things here in Midgard. There are both good and bad spirits that live within the life forms. Many of them with substantially different objectives to accomplish within their life times. All living things have spirits.
  3. Finally there is the balance of all things. This balance is an equal power distribution to restore the natural equilibrium to the specific scenario.

These three energy sources maintain all things within the universe. Each of them may have additional forces that assist in their accomplishment, such as the gods use a group called “the fates”, and this is where the gods recognize the third group (before) and ensure that any “gifts” from the gods to any life form, the balance is maintained.

These energies can influence our bodies, and our minds, making us seemingly more lethargic, or feeling more energized. They can influence friendships, even relationships. Most of the time, their influence is misunderstood by the parties involved. However for others, we can see these influences and can recognize what they are trying to do. It is these people that we need to seek out to help us understand the influence, and redirect it.

Again, nothing except your expiration is carved into stone, and therefore can be changed. If we do not like, or agree with the path we’re on, we can simply choose a different direction. We have that power throughout our existence. We retain the power to change our direction at any time, that does not protect us against making a poor decision, it simply gives us the power to make that decision.

Each of these energy sources can be communicated by the humans of Midgard. They can guide you along to he path to success, or slowly impress upon you until you are incapable of forward movement, and don’t reach your goals. This is the power of the mysterious powers that most humans discovered as they set out from Africa 196k years ago. 

So, I recommend that we all take some time out of our daily pattern and seek to obtain a balance of these energy influences in our lives. I choose to meditate each day, allowing the spirits to communicate with me through the use of runestones. But, we may each choose our own vehicle for communication, and include meditation.


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