Lǽring: The Acquisition of Wisdom

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Today’s lessons is in acquiring wisdom. What is wisdom really? We have heard quotes about Kings and elders being wise, but what exactly does that mean? My definition says:

Wisdom is a collection of experiences synthesized into knowledge, spoken with eloquence in relevance to a situation.

This definition was given to me via the gods, and I fully understand and couldn’t agree with it more. Wisdom is a synthesized collection of different experiences within our lifetimes that we learn from the formation of knowledge. Life’s experiences offers us a multitude of opportunities to learn, and retain the knowledge gained from those experiences. Children being to form wisdom, on a smaller scale as they experience life around them. One touch of a hot stove and the overview knowledge is secured, again it’s a collection of experiences.

Experiences do not have to be a physical, although they are more prone to create lasting memories. Experiences may come to us in dream states, or they may be passed from others, and depending on the source, is how well they are secured within the mind.

The human brain creates synapses between these memory cells that creates relationships between memories obtained. The ability to associate a multitude of memory cells together thereby creates a higher level of knowledge, or wisdom. However, wisdom is just a higher level of knowledge, or overview, until spoken eloquently at a relevant moment in time to others. This then, is the formation and demonstration of wisdom. Without each of the pieces, one is incapable of obtaining, or generating, wisdom.

Some have defined wisdom, as what we used to call “common sense”, however that ship sailed, so now our definition has changed to reflect this new definition. So, our definition should be that this concept of wisdom is:

Wisdom is a collection of life’s experienced, synthesized into knowledge, spoken or displayed with elegance in relevant situations to the betterment of humankind.


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