Life Lessons for Monday 6/19/23

Today, as I rode the motorcycle to work I continued my thoughts about being a descendant that my ancestors would be proud of. I questioned myself as to having let my self image slip into normalacy. While many of my ancestors lived a life dictated by the fates, others made their own way, forging their own path. I considered what Ó∂inn had told me the night he appeared to me. The Nornir sisters had spoken of a path where I had merged back into the destiny of my birthright. I pondered was I really worth all this fuss. As I arrived at work and parked the motorcycle, my thoughts became that of a solid yes. I was worthy. I was worth the intrinsic struggle I had with self-doubt and lack of faith in myself. Like my ancestors I had to win. I had to combat those demons of doubt to arrive at where I believed in my existence and the larger picture. Like each of us as we struggle with self-doubt, we must contain our thoughts to becoming the descendant that our ancestors would be proud of. For one day we will meet again without these physical bodies, and what stories we will tell. The victories. The victory over doubt and disillusion. Be strong within our minds and we will prevail.

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