Life Lessons for Tuesday 6/20/23

Today I was re-reading my book “Turn to Final” and came upon Chapter two where the spirits revealed the truth about understanding the influence of spiritual energy on the physical form. The book speaks to how our biological body DNA can be modified to change the chemical composition within our bodies that is then interpreted differently by the human brain. This manipulation of our chemical hormones within the body, thereby alters the feelings we recognize, which is why sometimes we have unexplained emotions that affect us. Our received spiritual energy can alter our DNA, thereby unsettling formed thought processes, or belief systems. As we begin to understand our emotion creation process, I believe we begin to free ourselves of allowing others to control us by guilt or shame. This is one of the first steps of spiritual awakening. We should be the ones in charge or our feelings and not allow others to manipulate them for their own needs. We should constantly seek kindness and love, for we know, what we seek, we will find.

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