Life Lessons from Friday 6/30/23

Today, my thoughts turned to this week’s discussion where we discuss the misperception of supremacy. Whether talking about racial, sexual, or any other type of misunderstanding an individual has about their need to control another physical form because of some weakness inside. I thought about how some are intimidated by others because of their skill, or business prowess, even some who carried misconceptions given to them by others and it reminded me of what my ancestors have taught me about the power of influence. When some of us set aside the standard fact-checking when the need arises because of a particular authoritative relationship that provided it. Immediately I began to wonder how many wars have been fought for this reason, how many people had to sacrifice their physical bodies to underscore this narrative. Supremacy in any form is an outwardly sign of weakness within, therefore allowing the ego to remain unbalanced. We each need to ensure that we strengthen our minds to ensure the ego remains chained and we can see the gift that all other life forms are. [image0.jpeg]


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