Life Lessons from Thursday 6/29/23

Faith and Hope. How are they different? Some say that faith is the absolute commitment in something, such as faith in a deity. Isn’t that the same thing as hope? If I hope there is a deity to hear my pleas, don’t I have faith? Faith and hope are interchangeable as you can’t have one with out the other. As I began to ponder this today, I thought about some of my friends who say “they have faith in what they can hold in their hands” and that they “hope for better things in their lives”. How our brain really changes directions if I were to change those sentences around and say to them, “you have hope for the things in your hands” and “faith for better things in their lives”. Interesting how our perception changes with that minor change. My friends, hope is the inextinguishable fire that burns in each of us, it is powered by the energy of Mother Earth as well as our ancestors, and is what will constantly move us forward. Faith is a commitment that you make to something, we are faithful in loving each other, faithful in our raising of our descendants, it is our eternal signature on the contract of our submitting every fiber of being to. Does you faith in a deity or deities have that level of commitment, if not one needs to ask why not.

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