Life Lessons from Wednesday 6/21/23

A wonderful day to be alive! Mother Alaska has begun to turn her fiery temper back to sunshine and blue skies. Today I thought about living my life on purpose. I thought about the “intent” that I carry with me and wondered if I am living per the path of the fates, or actually determining my own path? I meditated on this. I believe, I am straddling the fence between the two, allowing my life to follow the fates until I feel something else, then change. This idea of changing back and forth between the two may seem confusing, but I would think that most people function this way. Not in control all the time, but if something appears on my horizon that I find interesting I have no issue grabbing the steering while and turning toward it. I would offer you this same information, in that sometimes it’s acceptable to allow the fates to drive, while other times it’s acceptable to take back the wheel. If you feel that you are in a lull, maybe its the universe providing something interesting on your horizon.

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