Skáldskapr: Be yourself, you really are enough.

Published 27 June 2021

Today, I’d like to speak about the wonder that you are. From a biological perspective, you are a combination of your ancestry. Skills and genetic codes passed through thousands of generations, altered by environmental factors that your ancestors endured to bring you to a place where Urðr determines the length of your life.

In today’s world of “getting ahead” many people have chosen to follow the example set by the monotheistic churches of putting others down in hopes of seeming better. With the days of bravery in battle long gone, the idea of seeming to be better comes down to the material collections amassed by many. Again, with the pillaging of nations, the churches have done more to demonstrate this behavior than anything else.

The idea of “winner versus loser” was brought to the general population by the Christian church as they promoted those individuals not receiving the “good word” as being lessor than those who did. Those invaders to North and South America viewed those indigenous people as savages, and heathens, needing to be “saved” from their wicked ways. Those who wouldn’t convert were killed off. Believe or die. Within a short period of time (millennia) much of the world fell into one of several camps. More often than not, this was an association to one of the major monotheistic religions. 

As history reminds us, there are many “dark times” within the United States borders, and to be clear, all of them were driven by Christian religious zealotry. The arrival of Spaniards to South America was brutally savage about the adoption of Catholicism, while those invaders of North America were somewhat more subtle about it at first. However historically, we arrive at the Salem Witch Trials fairly early in recorded American history. This event was in parallel and preceded the slaughter of thousands of indigenous peoples in the quest to “settle” the newly stolen land. In the 1700s and 1800s, many of these supposed “god-fearing people” enslaved, tortured, and murdered others in their wanton demand for respect over others.

As we can see, there are millions of others who have come before us who have not come close to living up to the bar of humanity. So, why should it be easier for each of us? Living a life of peaceful co-existence with others should be our primary focus in life. Being sure to be rigid enough to deal with another who is still stuck in their dominance mentality. This is our life. It is ours. Not some imaginary friend who visits us on Sundays, because we’re in some building. When we talk about asking our ancestors for help with a particularly difficult task or expressing our desire to have more wealth, it should be no different than asking your parent, or family member for help, when they live in another part of the country. We shouldn’t expect any assistance, just there to hear us complain.

Let’s talk about you. Why do you feel a need to accept judgment from anyone other than your spouse, and then it should be constructive, never derogatory. The idea that we allow our hearts desire to be curbed by some book written for administrators of new cities to help keep the population under control. You are better than that. You should not need anyone’s approval for what you are, nor what you want. However, having said that, you need to work at the things you want. If, for example, you want to be a better husband. You need to work at that each day. Work diligently at it. Remove any and all obstacles that could hamper you from accomplishing that. If you want to be wealthy, then you need to find avenues to get there. Work at it each day. Work at it diligently. 

This life is what you make it. That imaginary deity doesn’t put challenges or obstacles before you. You do. The legends say that you are given the length of your life by Urðr before you assume your physical self. You are in charge of the difference between then, and your departure from the physical self. Ultimately, Skuld (one of the 3 Nornir) decides of your afterlife after she reads the tapestry of your life and all your deeds woven by Verðandi (her sister). Think about your life. Every minute of every day. However, unlike some imaginary deities, your thoughts are your own. Deeds. Your tapestry is based on the events of your life, nothing more.

Today’s teaching

I was born into the dimly lit life to my mother and father,

For I had heard their voices and knew their heart.

I drew in air and left the burning evaporation in my chest,

Covered and uncovered several times as they wiped my mother’s blood from my face, the lights faded in and out.

I tasted my mother’s teet as her warm milk trickled down my throat,

Her velvet skin pressed against my cheek.

I struggled to move my hands and legs as they were cramped by time.

My mouth created suction and the trickle became a stream

From that day to now, I’ve tried to live an honorable life,

Taken care of my tribe and worked all hours of the day,

I’ve fought for what I have and I’ve cheated death many of times,

I’ve loved what I’ve done and proud of what’s done.

It’s been the sweat on my brow, the blood I’ve spilled,

That has earned me the right to say I’m a man.

Although many may say they are greater than I, maybe they are.

For my family and friends, I am all they need.

No pretense, I know who I am,

I know in my heart what I bring to the world,

And know that it’s important that the world know my name.

My shield maiden is cared for and loved beyond compare,

My children know that I am always there.

This is the tapestry I’ve written so I can say to Skuld with ease,

My tapestry is filled with deeds of a worthy man.

Maybe not of Valhalla is my final destination set, 

But one of another realm where my victory counts.

Maybe Fólkvangr with Freyja my travels may go,

 Maybe it will be with Týr at his hall, Valaskjálf.

It really matters not where my spirit will be at home,

The fact that I reside with my ancestors is the only thing to know.

Dane and proud, strong with love,

I am a man who knows his place in the world.

While this was written with specific feelings to share, my hope for you all is that it helps you to understand that you are as perfect as it gets. While others may have some made-up definition of what they think is perfect, their opinions don’t change who you want to be. Enjoy being you, just the way you are. Do not seek to give away any credit, while accepting all the blame for how things turned out. There wasn’t “fate” or any “wrath” by some imaginary coin collector. The success and failures are yours, and yours alone.


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