Skáldskapr: Confusing kindness with weakness.

Today, I welcome you to a new platform that I call the Alaska Outlaw Forn Sidr. This idea comes from my ancestry of Germanic-Danes who called southern Denmark home. I’d like to assure those listeners who are new to the Alaska Outlaw, and of you here at Forn Sidr, our purpose is to spread the word of hope and peace. So, for those of you who are not Danish, or have not studied Germanic history, may not understand what Forn Sidr means, I am here to help. Forn Sidr roughly translates to english as “Ancient Customs”. It is here that I will offer teachings about coping with modern-day life here in America.

So, to start the show I figured I’d talk about a subject that I see all over the inter webs, and that is the mistaken identity of weakness. Many assume that one is weak when one doesn’t engage in violent actions, or reactions. When a man is more intrinsic, or subdued, he is immediately considered to be weak, and this, quite possibly, could be no further from the truth. In the days of my Norwegian ancestors, a great deal of victory could be obtained by encouraging the opponent to strike first. By having the ability and courage to determine the strike pattern and type, one could execute a more effective counteract. To this point, I will create poetry to further express this message. In this modern day world of moving toward a more feminine, or politically correct behavior, one needs to consider what we are really needing to happen. One must also be cognizant that, although some say women are to be discounted for war, I strongly disagree. Women are much better equipped to work “smarter” and not harder, and therefore should be treated equally in this respect. While the more modern religious practices favor men over women, I believe they have sadly under-estimated a woman’s value.

To further explain the idea of power, my ancestors would have written poetry to explain the basic understanding

The disguise of strength
The sea disguises her power and strength under sometimes very still covers.
She exerts her power by continually eroding the shorelines as she slowly creeps towards the distant mountains.
Relentlessly she chips away at the rock faces that attempt to hold her back.
Intentionally she exposes the cracks in the large stones to break them apart, tumbling them to her depth.

Yet, those who dare, they may face her raw, unbridled power as she shreds the vessels who attempt to traverse her.
Those who venture out into her calm demeanor may travel far enough to witness the brutal power she withholds.
Constantly she gives life to the many creatures who call her home, and protects them from the elements of the above world, keeping their world in balance.
Throughout the world she can move mountains of ice, shattering them, then moving them thousands of miles from their origin.

The sea also provides the final journey for brave warriors to Valhalla, softly reaching her tendrils around the vessel to gently accept the warrior and transport them to Valhalla. While she can be a sultry temptress, she has a fiery temper that can consume a ship full of brave men, taking them to their doom.

Strength does not have to be on display at all times, with a reserved power being of more concern. Many still lakes can be very deep, one needs to be aware of a man’s spirit, before one considers a violent confrontation.

In much the same way the beautiful clear skies may draw upon its hidden power to crush the travel of man, forcing even the strongest warriors to bow knee.

The power contained within the hidden space of air can be unleashed at any moment without so much as a hint to its true desire for destruction.


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