Skáldskapr: Divine intervention

This episode speaks to the importance, and the impact that divine intervention will have within our existence here on Midgard. We will also understand how us humankind receive communications from the gods, and the spirits around us. The underlying understanding is that humans are free to do what they thought necessary from birth to grave, the true definition of “free will”. In the earlier days of human evolution, we know from historical facts that the basic ideas like honor and integrity held a very high esteem in the population of the time, and throughout the generations between then and now, we have all witnessed the corruption of this basic principle in a futile attempt at controlling the masses. However, I believe that there are some other forces at play that we (as humans) may be unaware of. Today I’d like to provide an insight to the beliefs I have arrived at after decades of studying the multiple belief systems throughout the world.

As I mentioned before, most people have been programmed by the monotheistic beliefs in that our life’s destination is fixed prior to our birth into our physical life times. Predominantly the general population has been instructed, one way or another, that the destination has already been determined, and that although we have “free will”, supposedly god knows our journey from beginning to end. This is another one of the many lies that monotheism brought to the world in hopes of continuing to pursue their endure. We’ll talk about our path, and our adjustments throughout in just a minute, but suffice to say here. Monotheism is missing the real definition of “free will”.

We live in what appears through the eyes of most people to be a “super-fast, superficial, instant-gratification” world. While many may point to mental deficiencies, the ability to communicate with, and see the spirits amongst us is as real as we are. Many may immediate recoil in fear as to what has been applied, and enforced rigorously throughout the generations of Christian conquerors.  But I am here to tell you, not all the voices we hear are the sounds of crazy, they may be directing to the appropriate path of our journey of life. The interaction between the spirits and the individual takes on many forms throughout our lifetimes.

Today I want to address several key understandings I’d like to include in our discussion.

  • Firstly, there are spirits in all living things, as well as environments. The spirits range in their ambitions, from angry and bitter, to glorious and loving. These spirits come from many different types of life forms that may have inhabited Midgard once. From the smallest, single cell life form, to the largest marine mammals who inhabit the seas, they all are given a division of light and dark spirits to reach out.
  • Secondly, there are gods who can visit us, or grant favors as they see fit. However, it’s not like you ask, and immediately you’ll receive it. That’s now how it works. The gods can only grant gifts if the “fates”  agree to allow it. Most often these favors include spiritual communications through either, the spiritual channel of one’s soul, or through imagery provided during the dream state. Both can provide the information that the gods wish to impart upon humankind.
  • Finally we have the fates. The fates are are group of women who feel compelled to nudge a society in a direction. They are more focused on society as a whole, but ultimately they maintain the balance of life. Ensuring that there retains a balance between the light and dark within each life form, as well as the overall realm.

In reality our (humankind) mind can only interpret so much sensory input without practice. Our mental processing includes all of our sensory input, our cognitive, and abstract thoughts, and our memory relational tagging, in addition to the never ending emotional cycle processing. When we thinking about what we’re thinking, we must also consider that our autonomic processing can cause additional cognitive thinking as well. So with all of this brutal human brain bandwidth requirement, makes you wonder how we get anything done. 

The individuals spiritual senses accept all input, but then it’s filtered by that individuals belief system. Think of the spiritual sense as just another one of our senses, like listening. So, in much the way we interpret what we see, hear, taste, touch, or smell, we also receive signals from our soul to process. Upon receiving these signals, in the same way the other senses process information into the brain and the individuals belief system. When discussing an individual’s belief system, we have to understand what a “belief system” is. A belief system is a collection of facts that have been accumulated throughout one’s life time. This collection is received through our senses, and validated against what is already “known” before this new data point arrives. This new fact is compared against what is known, and what is related to the facts already retained. This is the idea of fact-acceptance. This is how we accumulate everything we know. This paradigm is challenged thousands of times a day as all of our senses are processing data all day.

Spirituality is very different than religion, in that religion is the repeated predefined action of an individual typically associated with spiritual practices. Religion was the creation of exercise to enforce the will of the monotheistic church leaders, to further their “brain washing” methods. When we think about the difference between religion and spirituality, one is intrinsic verses the extrinsic practice of religion. However, spiritualiy is where something speaks directly to the heart, and although in most cases, humankind struggles with associating these points of data to other facts within the mind. Therein lies the issue with divine intervention. This is also our divine intervention within our physical life times. The gods provide their favor through this channel of communication, as do the fates provide their nudges to keep us on our path. 

My personal experience with this was a younger man I received communications from the spirits and misinterpreted it completely, which led me to a hollow ordination with the Christian church. While I heard the signals, I really had not a point of reference to help make sense of the data. While I was committed, I had committed to the wrong path. This commitment led to a continued feeling of emptiness that I attempted to re-interpret the information I had received, which ultimately led  to my leaving the church and finding my true spiritual home. During my engagement with the spiritual understandings, I studied this “spiritual communication” as a new source of sensory input into the mind. The longer I studied it, the more it made sense how I had received all the communications, that I attributed to a “feeling”, but yet, it was this communication going through my “soul” into my brain, which then in-turn, generates the physiological response that releases hormones into the blood system that creates “emotions”.

However, I draw our attention to the idea about subliminal messages that were embedded in video broadcasts in the 80s – 90s. In much the same way, spiritual communications can have a hidden agenda combined within the visions or ideas that are received by the soul of the individual. These spiritual communication events are happening all the time, although many have practiced, or learned to ignore them. But, it is these silent “thoughts” or “feelings” where we receive guidance as to remaining on our path of life. This is the idea of spirituality. It is just our souls communicating with the millions of spirits around us every day, as well as the gods.

So, lets talk about real life. From before the time we are born, we are given the real “free will” with the ability to make decisions that altered our trajectory through our life’s journey. But, not just making decisions, but actually changing the direction, and ultimate trajectory. As we moved through life, we receive signals from our spiritual connections that guide our decisions. Many of us may feel what we refer to as “deja vu” from time to time, and this should be your first indicator that you were shown this situation before. In other words, these are moments that tell you that you are on the “suggested path”.

The true definition of “free will” dictates that our path is never set. If we don’ like the path we’re on, we retain the power to change it at any time. The only limitation we have are the ones that we put in place. The other side to this is understanding that there may be some ramifications to the decisions we make along the way. This ramifications may be severe, or they may be inconvenient, depending on where the spirits feel you should go. Throughout our journey these spirits will offer suggestions, however, we are free to decide otherwise.


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