Skáldskapr: Dreams and Visions

This episode looks at the power and wisdom that can be obtained when listening to the quiet voices within one’s own mind. By having the ability to look objectively at the visions provided to our brain via our eyes, or our “third-eye”, we can better learn to coexist, and live our lives to the fullest potential. While many within the scientific community will debate the information, I will stand firm on my beliefs that our dreams are visions and ideas given to us from the Gods. While they may be construed as electrical impulses within the brain, those charges are aligned by powers we can’t possibly understand.

{Odins chant}

Today I’d like to discuss the visions (or daydreams) and nighttime dreams that we are afforded the visions given to us to guide us into the future. Dreams, are the electrical pulses moving through the brain, but these impulses connect with different memory pods throughout the brain. The collection becomes a vision that you can see in your mind without optical input. These pulses travel across the neural pathways connecting different centers within the brain, typically these are the oblongata which is the emotional feels area of the brain.

Many within the scientific community discredit any other explanation for these electrical pulses through the brain. Claiming it can only appear from a pure memory from that day’s activities. However, I believe that not all of them are from memory. There are many times that these visions or dreams associate with ideas, or vignettes, if you will that we’ve never seen before, nor we never heard of before, and it does that type of vision and dream that we need to consider is not in fact an electrical pulse, but the gift from a higher source. Clarity of thoughts beliefs ideas talk and come in the form of these visions or dreams. It does not have to happen during sleep time, but can have daydreams as well.

The idea that visions, and dreams, are sent from a higher power simply makes sense. If you think about those times of utter fear when we have visions, or premonition of impending doom, or personal injury, these are the same types of pulses that we can have while dreaming, or in a trance like scenario.

So, we’ve identified what dreams are. We’ve gone so far as to identify biologically what makes dreams happen. However, there is a slight alteration, I feel, that is against what the scientific community would have us believe. I believe that visions, premonitions and other psychic or kinetic energy into the brain that fosters, or encourages A connection between ourselves and our gods. We know from the Saugus that Oregon tour and the other Norse gods communicated with humans in this manner. So, it is without debate that we can understand that knowledge, wisdom, premonitions, or other telekinetic‘s, can be passed to an individual while in a dream state.

Now that we’ve covered what a dream is, let’s talk about some of their meanings. Many people have asked me over the years about what it means dying in their dreams, where they visually see themselves perish. Throughout the decades I have come to my own understanding of this witnessing death in one’s altered state. If one sees from a third source from a outer body experience if you will this typically indicates that the deficit which you are envisioning is not to happen in this lifetime in this physical lifetime, therefore it may mean that it is another kind of death. When one feels as if they’ve died at the scene within their mind is dark, and they feel as if they know their dead, this would indicate that there is a massive change coming in their lives. It does not mean they are actually going to die, it typically is reserved for major changes to a part of your life, it will change or will go away.

Many people of asked me about colors in their dreams. They see bright red some blues and indigo, or black. Colors are typically indicative of emotion. So when we see colors of jackets we see the color of the sky in our dream. Flashes of color appearing in and around are the Vin yet that we are watching. Colors indicate emotion. Everything within a dream is pinned to your emotional response, remember this is the oblongata that’s performing kind of the base of this dream or this visual presentation to you.

There are some cases where memory visions are used, and presented to you in your dreams. This is typically indicative of an additional lesson to learn from that situation.The struggle with trying to translate memory visions, and their lessons needed aspect, there is a great challenge in discerning what the viewer wanted to see, verse what the dream is trying to explain to them.

Many people witnessed familiar faces within their dreams, and sometimes those scenarios that you envision in your mind are inappropriate. This is a very interesting scenario that we can find ourselves in particularly given today’s society. However, I’m here to say that regardless of what’s happening in the dream in the vision, chances are not good that it’s going to happen in reality. In other words, if you were to have a vision in your dream of having a extramarital affair with your secretary, it’s the idea that your mind is wandering to unfaithfulness but not with your secretary. Your secretary is merely a placeholder if you will. Many people have asked me about translating events and visions they have inside their dream thinking that there is some association to reality, lots of money, new friends, change of location all of those things. However dreams are more About thought patterns ideas, and we need to look past the visual representations, to the actual I thought necessary to be garnered from this visual representation.

Some of asked me how they can get the most out of their dreams. There is an old rule of thumb when translating dreams, and ideas first, write them down. By writing them down there is a couple of very critical factors that are completed. First, by regurgitating or writing the dream down we are able to remember it, and by remembering it and writing it down we’re actually using two different senses which then fosters a higher potential of retaining the dream. Once the dream is written down, we can then look at it objectively to determine what if anything we can ascertain from it. Again, looking at some of the things I’ve mentioned here before. Whether that be colors, certain events, or familiar faces, or possibly witnessing your death. The idea, is to look at the dream objectively.

Most often in a dream state, we find that we are processing emotions at the same time. In the dream we may feel happy, we may feel angry, or maybe sad, the emotional connection here is as important as what you’re visually seeing. Emotions play a huge role in what we’re being told we’re informed of. Because the human brain is so in tune with emotion, and that emotions are technically biological drivers of the chemistry within the brain, emotions are very important to pay attention to in a dream state. Emotions within the dream state are substantially different than the emotions in real life. For example happiness within a dream state translates to ease or no challenges in our real life, while anger translates to frustration. All of these emotional responses that you feel while in the dream state are important to note when you’re writing down the dream. They are equally as important as what you were seeing.

Some people have come to me and said “I wanted to see a deity”, and lo and behold the deity appeared in my dream. The scientific community has debunked this by saying that this is imagination. However, I think that by stating that you wanted to see a deity, you called out to the deity. This meant that you opened up a channel of communication between yourself and the deity. The problem I have with the scientific community’s explanation of this is that they don’t seem to grasp the idea of an omnipotent being. They don’t give credit to the idea that there is life capable of communicating outside of the written or spoken words, they struggle with telepathy, empathy, and other psychic energies.

I am here to tell you that in my many journeys, and discussions with deities and other spirits, I know for a fact that they listen to all of which we say and want.So simply by wishing to speak with an omnipotent being, you can. So the next question is what do you want to know?

How can you prep your mind and your self for communications with the deities during your dream? It’s actually quite simple. Throughout the monotheistic lifecycle, we have been told about kneeling next to our bed, folding our hands, and saying a prayer. That’s exactly what I’m talking about when speaking about prepping oneself for the dream state. By speaking, thinking, we are opening the communication channel between us and our deity. The idea however, is to listen as much as we speak. As an example, my evening routine prior to retiring to bed, involves roughly a five minute conversation with the all-father, as well as the Landvætti, to ensure that I open my mind to whatever knowledge and wisdom they wish to impart up on me.Typically, this conversation is in my head. By repeatedly having these conversations prior to my dreams, I find that I am able to receive wisdom, guidance, and knowledge even during daydreams that I may have throughout the day. By keeping one’s channel of communication open I find that I’ve had a much easier time communicating with the gods and the spirits.

I hope this conversation has helped you and understanding that dreams, and visions, can provide an abundant source of wisdom, knowledge, and even vision beyond our knowledge. I hope I have helped you in understanding that the scientific community, while being technically accurate, doesn’t really account for knowledge outside their scientific notebook. It is through these visions and dreams that we can truly live up to our potential.


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