Skáldskapr: Embracing a lifestyle of Peace

Hello my friends and welcome to this week’s teaching here on the Alaska Úlfhédnar. We have so enjoyed meeting with many of you and talking about your unique life’s journey to awakening, and the discovery of your own spiritual path. Today, I’d like to speak about a lifestyle of embracing peaceful co-existence. In almost all of my podcasts I speak about embracing these beliefs, hopefully we can discover and promote, and encourage this community of peace. This community can then obtain harmony which will then lead to individual happiness and joy as well as humanities next evolutionary step. Let us seriously consider this path towards a society of peace and love between its members, and accept the responsibility to accept the mantel of spreading the universal love throughout the world. The journey of this discovery begins within each of us. By opening one’s heart and accepting the universal love of the universe we begin our exploration of possibilities. Let us invite Ódinn to our discussion, and may he grant us the wisdom.


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