Skáldskapr: Exploring our true Purpose for Physical Existence.

Hello my friends, and welcome to this week’s message. I can only begin to count the number of times the topic of “why are we here” has been brought to me in search of some answer in which the inquirer may find trust in. Let us take some time today to clarify what exactly our existence’s purpose is, and the different ways that our trajectory towards this purpose is achieved. Today I’d like to discuss how our “selves” achieve this overall purpose. What many have wondered is why do I deserve this sorrow, pain, and despair. Why do these horrible things keep happening to me? While many simply assume that this is the way things just are, it is not really the case. In some cases the ill intention of others begins an intrinsic cycle of the application of shame that creates the burden of guilt within our psyche, thereby “infecting” all the other thoughts and undermining beliefs within our minds. It is this negative cycle that can set as the “default” state of incoming energy, allowing this inadvertent intention to set the polarity towards an undesirable charge.


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