Skáldskapr: Exploring our understanding of “free will”.

Many people have made comments to me about this over the years, therefore I believe it is only right that I create a discussion to pass on the wisdom that explains the exploration of our intrinsic power and ability of  free will. While many of the modern-day holy texts mention this idea that humans were given this individual power of free will, thereby fostering an altering of our trajectory through this journey we call life, most struggle to embrace what this really means. Let’s us talk about this free will, and what that really means within our modern day physical existence. We know from all the holy texts, as well as from our ancestors for hundreds of thousands of generations, that we, as humans, maintain the authority, and the intrinsic power to alter our trajectories through life. How does this happen? What are some real-world scenarios that we can see where others have altered their trajectories through alternate paths, thereby altering their ultimate destinies?


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