Skáldskapr: Finding Spiritual commonality.

While many of those amongst us, follow their teachings that seek methods of division, and labeling, that have come to represent religion on the world stage. I, on the other hand, choose to seek commonality amongst the spiritual practitioners throughout the world. The three major religious practices throughout the world are instituted with practices that involve the segregation of those who believe or worship differently. While they teach a message of peace, their practice demands assimilation, and that is not peaceful co-existence by my standards. Today, I’d like to spend our time considering the similarities among the indigenous practices of the world and throughout all of time, to begin our framework of building unity, harmony, and real peace. Join me now in this discussion of uncovering the blanket of woven common threads to form what I call the universal truth. This universal truth are the realities of spiritual understanding that strips away the labels applied by these modern day monotheistic practices. Let us gather in a wisdom circle to seek the guidance of Ódinn the all-father in Valhalla.

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