Skáldskapr: Holding onto Hope.

Over the last several weeks we have explored extensively the principles of peace and love, the expression and demonstration of these throughout the many different facets of our lives. We have spoken about receiving and sharing this love with many different peoples in many different ways. This leads us to the next method of expression, and that would be the eternal manifestation of hope. We have discussed the concept behind the depth within the scope of love, and how empathy would be one of the highest levels, hope is equally as powerful. Now, many have spoken to me about their loss of hope, and how they struggle to see beyond the moment to a time where everything will be brighter, and happier. I must disagree. Hope. Hope is the intrinsic desire that the current struggles we are manifesting in our lives will pass us, allowing us to once again enjoy the world around us as well as the people who make our lives so rich and diverse. Hope is that rope within our mind that we cling to with every bit of our resolve to see our tragedies through to conclusion. Hope is the seed that drives every religious and spiritual practice or belief throughout all of history. Hope is a gift from the deities. Hope is the fuel that drives us past our perceived limits, to where we truly experience what we can be.  Second only to love, it is the greatest gift we can give others, a sense of hope.


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