Skáldskapr: How does our culture drive our spirituality?

Season 2 Episode 13

Published Date 18 September 2022

Skáldskapr: How does our culture drive our spirituality?

Over these last couple of months we have been discussing the importance of our culture has on our intellectual fulfillment, but there is so much more value to embracing our ancestral cultural than one might think, far deeper than just the adopting a new practice in our lives. As we mentioned it is the centralistic fulfillment that is achieved when Freyja (Mother Earth) is open to speak to us, and through us, and most importantly, that we can hear. This open communication then opens the portal to communicating with others within the spiritual realm, remember there is no past, present, or future within the spiritual realm. By opening our heart to our ancestors, we begin a channel of communications that includes both enlightenment, and our education and spiritual fulfillment. Beyond what we find in history books, and our encyclopedias we arrive at some basic truths from our ancestry.

Most modern humans have had some of this communication without realizing it. As they have discovered life without the influence of the church, that may have been nudged their spiritual connections to venture elsewhere in-lieu of the standard church teachings. Some have told me that this is the voice of “the devil” telling me to turn away from the brainwashing, but the truth, if we are willing to listen to it all, will set us free to worship the spiritual realm for what it really is. Our future. This communication because of closed minds has been interrupted leaving only half the message that humans need to hear. While they have heard that what they believe from the modern church is a false narrative and to turn away. They missed the part about looking to Freyja or Mother Earth for the answers they need or want.

Throughout the hundreds of generations that have (in many cases) been forced to silence the voices of nature, and our ancestry, for fear of being killed, it was replaced with a narrative that has created a void in our personal fulfillment. It is this void that many now find themselves needing to fill with other substitutes. Alcohol, drugs, sex, “adrenaline” addiction, as well as many others. Some sought the new religion, and now many centuries later, are losing value in it, because the greedy puppet masters have become distracted by their newfound glory. It is this “glory” that has led so many to the dark places.

I have spoken to many who wonder if “what happens if I’m wrong?” Their limitation of their deity is so narrow focused and mistranslated, they have lost sight of what an “infinite being” is. 

Where does this leave us? Are we without direction, or purpose? No, we have both. Our direction must be to free our minds and recognize the power of the unity, to see our brothers and sisters as true companions and friends, as well as teachers. Looking past all the superficial differences and see a life form, full of beauty and love, wisdom and kindness. We each have a choice. We can choose to live a life of inclusion and coexistence, or we can choose a life of being (what we’re taught in modern society) is “right” and “superior”. Unknowingly many have chosen the latter, leading to a physical life time spent trying to fill a hole in their “soul” or inner spirituality. 

Applying the understanding of our ancestral culture allows us to fulfill the most inner part of our selves Connecting with whatever deity we find the most comfort. How does one connect with one’s ancestral culture? One will need to spend some time in meditation to determine what feels right. While many attempt to adopt a culture/heritage based on our egos, or form some in may be a complex of superiority, the idea is to not use our minds, but our hearts to hear the thoughts and prayers our ancestors are passing to us. We must “feel” our way to the inner peace that resides with our embracing of our ancestry. Many have come to me and inquired, saying that they are white, or brown, or black, they cannot be anything but that. I say no. Your skin color determines nothing about your culture and heritage. Even if your ancestors (as far back as you can trace them) have all been white, or black, or brown, it means very little in the tapestry of culture. Ultimately our ancestral heritage and culture will connect to our hearts.

While my ancestry consists of Danes, Scots, and Irish, I associate with the indigenous practices of these groups. I dug deep within my heart to locate the underlying Celtic ways that my ancestors sought to teach me of. Do I follow some modern-society accepted practice of my Celtic beliefs? No. I follow what my heart hears my ancestors teach. So, applying our cultural heritage may necessitate traveling further back in history than we may have record of, however, the further back one travels in time, one can find ancestors who sought balance with the lands. The knew the other spiritual lives who inhabited the planet with us, and they learned to listen with their hearts, and not their egos.

Topic of meditation: I’d like each of us to investigate our ancestral past. Ask with your mind of civilizations past, then listen with your heart to which culture “speaks” to you. Remember my friends, like our beliefs, it should make sense in our minds, and feel right in our hearts. We should always expect what we seek, so if you seek power and glory, you may discover that. But, should we seek balance with Mother Earth, and the spiritual entities around us, that is what we must focus on.


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