Skáldskapr: Humankind’s turning from Nature.

Turning from Nature

Hello my friends. I am glad to be back at home after several weeks of being very busy away. As I’ve spent time with many friends both: old and new over these last several weeks, I have a much clearer picture of humankind’s magnetism of negative events and effects. This phenomenon has occurred over thousands of years, it is the turning away from nature. Mother Earth, or Freya gives us all we require to sustain life, but ultimately it is the power of our ancestors who give us the room for growth. Our ancestors are the central part of what many call our “culture”.

We have spoke of the necessity of embracing our culture, yet many have asked me what this really means. But yet many don’t understand the infusion of individuality within centuries of generations. How each generations adds to the collective of the cultural heritage, yet their environment is just as important as the people in the environment. Especially during the earliest of civilizations we witness the migration of the hunter/gatherers followed the herds, leading them into new environments, new spiritual connections that those people had to interact with.

In antiquity man changed from a hunter/gatherer to that of a farmer and shepherd. Our survival became dependent on our ability to store, and protect, our resources for the leaner times. This is where many began to break with their bonds of nature. They began to plant seeds that had never grown there before, and while the idea of trading was good, the necessity to relocate crops gave those humans the understanding that they controlled nature, instead of bonding with the natural ways.

Many have declared a culture to be another form of celebration, yet its so much more.


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