Skáldskapr: Living our life avoiding the Fates.

In this episode we will discuss the roles that these spiritual entities play in our lives. Helping us all to understand the difference between accepting life’s consequences, and making life’s choices. When discussing “the fates” we need to have a clear understanding of the roles they play within the average person’s life. How to avoid them, but firstly, we need to understand where they came from. While the word has taken on many different meanings over the millennia, the underlying concept of fate was that it was a state on the other side of the coin from destiny. Destiny represents a directed journey that the individual accomplished what they set out to do, whereas it would have indicated that we arrived at our fate if we fell short of destiny.

The birth of deities, and what I call “the sentinels”, which include the Fates, which my ancestors called “the Nornir sisters”, I have learned very differently than the way I was taught when I was in school. The fates were the first three spiritual entities created by the deities, however these first three were given some level of authorities by the first two deities, therefore their assignment came to pass as the balancer keepers of all of existence. Between dark and light, life and death, they held the power to decide all. Upon the creation of human kind, they also would decide how long each living being would live.  However, upon the collection of energies to a consciousness, the fates determine the new entity’s journey through life. This path is without the glories of war, or the fantastic views of the universe. The life they choose is an existence, not glamorous, just existence. Ultimately, this becomes the path we will travel through life is we don’t seek our true destiny.

What exact role did the fates play in the relationship between deities and humans? The fates provide a balance, thereby preventing the gods from entering the physical plane of existence and taking control. They maintain the balance of powers between the three different planes of existence with each of the fates interacting on behalf of one plane. There are three to ensure that a balance is retained among all the forces with these three planes at all time. As a second set of eyes for the Norse guardian Heimdal, who watches the bridge between the planes, or by the Norse legend “the BiFrost”. So, their role is to maintain the balance among the energy signatures throughout all the planes.

What is this energy in which I keep referring to? Well, simply put, there is a finite amount of energy within all of existence. In the very beginning, all the energy was coagulated into one entity, who became two. These two would go onto create life throughout the universe, and gift each with a piece of this universal energy to manage their existences. this individual energy will be divided again and again as additional generations are added.  There were others who were created by further subdivision of the original energy from the first two deities, these original spirits are confined from directly affecting the physical plane itself, however they do cause the vacuum to be created by new consciousnesses and biological conceptions to join together in a venture through the physical life time.

The influences of “free will” on people’s ability to navigate through their physical life times is what keeps the fates busy limiting what energy the deities can send to another plane, or a gathering of too much energy sources together on one plane. This then, is the true majority of their reasoning for being what they are. This idea is really hard to grasp for most people, between the impossible definitions of the enforcement of the new monotheism, and the controls placed on us by elder generations, we struggle with the true grasp. The concept behind free will is exactly as it sounds, and there is no deity who knows our destiny. That’s absolutely contradictory to having free will. In reality it really comes down to our deities understanding that we really have to Leo ultimate paths:

  1. Succumbing to the fates to lead a normal life, filled with unsuccessful decisions along the way.
  2. Or the path of seeking our destiny with each breath. Making tons of bad choices and hopefully more good ones.

If, one’s tapestry demonstrates a life lived honorably, even if it didn’t work out the way we wanted, then I would suspect our spirit will move onto the next realm where we will use our memories of emotional reactions to educate others, and further their advance. Ultimately this is the desired effect of living a physical life here on Midgard. Our assignment, if you will, is to learn the skill of empathy.

Most importantly, I want to talk about our responsibilities within this balance between spiritual and physical existences. Many people immediately seek the gods in lieu of trying to do it by and for the self. This has become a cornerstone of the “hand-out” community who has surrendered their honor and pride, and seek to have others complete tasks for them. The nine Nobel virtues tells us that we should seek self-reliance and perseverance, keeping our honor and truth above all else. So then, our role within this life journey is to identify the lessons to be learned, and learn them. We need to always be ready and able to continue this journey without any assistance from the gods, or spirits of the land. We must constantly command our lives choices to steer away from the fates, in an effort to obtain our destiny.

In reaching for our destiny we must understand that there will be tasks to accomplish that we cannot do alone, and be willing to reach out our hand for help. Whether it be matters of the heart, or for a strong back, our force multiplies exponentially when we join our force to that of others. This has always been the strength of a clan, the collection of force to accomplish the tasks. The only lesser man is the one who seeks a hand-out, instead of a hand-up, and there is nothing else about him that should be taken into consideration. Meanwhile, the group becomes stronger when all members are equal share in the load.


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