Skáldskapr: My Celtic journey to center.

While I may have discussed many different topics, one may wonder where is my pedigree for becoming a Celtic Shaman. Why aren’t I a Druid instead of a Shaman? Why do I feel as if I am a Shaman, particularly given that the religious figures associated with the Celtic culture? While some of my wisdom has been gathered from experiencing many different events in my life, much of what I now know has been given to me through a spiritual connection, or channeling spiritual entities. Unlike some I’ve spoken to over the years, I have practiced my channeling skills to the point where I now have simple conversations with my ancestors, and other spiritual entities. Sometimes I receive connections from you, the listeners, as I seek aura connections during meditation and trance work. I have been given the role of the Shaman, not by physical mortals, but by the infinite beings of energy I call my deities. These deities have determined that because I have developed the skills of traveling in both: the world of the physical, and the world of spiritual energy. This ability is what allows me to communicate the wisdom and knowledge from the spiritual realm, to help other physical beings experience the joy and harmony that they were designed to have.


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