Skáldskapr: Sanity in the modern world.

I’d like to take a few minutes to respond to those who would say “I am crazy” for expressing a deeper understanding of the world around me. Possibly for expressing the concept that their beliefs are but “one interpretation”, and ensuring that they know that I fully understand that there are thousands of different interpretations, and that they are all accurate. For I have been instructed by the landvætti to see the divine communications for what it truly is.

Today I’d like to discuss the basic ideas of my understanding of the interaction between the spiritual and physical realms. To help us all find more paths of cohesion, and harmony, as a people. To dispel the embellishments of those who would have us believe one belief is good, while another is bad. Some have spewed their attempts at division or dislike about the message I bring. However, we all need to understand that to live in a world of true co-existence, it begins with each of our ability to accept the differences of others. While some practices have a much easier time with this, the modern monotheistic practices struggle with different interpretations, however, if we all stop for a minute and work at delineating the lines between the “theology” and the “practice” of spiritual understanding, I believe it will become easier to understand the differences as just that, differences. Not better, not worse, just different.

Our channel of communications with the spiritual world around us is semi-limited to what we can understand. Throughout the millennia of conquest and distribution, we find that the idea of understanding the idea of a singular source on the other end is understandable, it doesn’t mean it’s right. It just means that it is one interpretation of the spiritual energy around us. I believe, because I have been taught, that the communications that we receive every minute of every day comes from a multitude of sources. These entities range in wisdom, from our ancestors, through another group of pure wisdom and knowledge, to the ultimate layer of the deity. When one considers the infinite being of the deity, one immediately must consider that there are a minimum of two, for balance. Whether you call these two Yehway and the Holy Spirit, or Ódinn and Freyja as I do, it really doesn’t matter, it only matters with the message that you feel compelled to take away from the communications. It the message you receive creates intent within you to cause division and mistrust, then we need to concern ourselves with straightening out our messages.

Let’s talk about a basic understanding of planes of existence. When discussing the planes of existence we need to do a deep dive into the underlying theology of every belief throughout the history of mankind to ascertain the core truths and commonality between them all. There are three planes of existence. 

  1. The Physical plane that we are all currently living on. This plane is limited by the boundary of time and space as our biological bodies are strictly bound by these laws.
  2. The Spiritual plane is where we will go following the death of our biological bodies to join our ancestors. This layer of existence is not bound by the rules of time and space, as the spiritual entities do not require it.
  3. The Deity plane is reserved for those entities who retain the universal energy. These entities are not limited by any rules, and are the sole entities with the energy to create “something from absolutely nothing”.

So, now that we have a general understanding of the different planes of existence, let’s talk about how these planes interact with each other. 

  • Deity level entities may interact with any other level at any time, for any reason. These entities may present themselves as either: a thought or feeling, or an actual physical force. Again, not being constrained by any boundary, they are free to do what they know as necessary to help those in the physical realm.
  • Spiritual level entities may interact with the physical plane at any time, however they require a void (or draw) to be created  by the physical entities to bring them to this plane. Whether there is an incanted need for resource allocations, or wisdom/knowledge, they need to be pulled to this plane.
  • Physical level entities may interact with the other planes of existence using their personal aura. The aura is created and maintained by a multitude of factors within the human body.

Spiritual interactions happen through a sensory channel that is intrinsic to the human condition that interfaces with our physical senses. This connection is with us all the time, regardless as to our beliefs of not. Just for our knowledge here, there is no “evil” energy, or spiritual connection. It is the intent of the recipient that converts the message from a positive stance, to a darker, negative one. Frequently, many have reported that they have an emotional event without explanation. It is these spiritual connections that pass through our physical senses, which then excite our “fight or flight” reflex which then ignites the necessary chemistry to crank the interpretation of emotions.

At their core, emotions are simply an alteration of the chemical balance throughout the central nervous system, and the brain. This chemical shift causes the brain to respond differently to physical stimuli, and interpret the stimuli very differently then initially experienced. This then stores “altered” sensory data within the brain, which then creates compromised relationships to related data. All of this leads us to have very different understandings of what spirituality means, and/or what it is.

This all comes back to the establishment and management of our belief in god or gods. We’ve covered the layer at which the deities operate, but what exactly does their influence on our everyday lives look or feel like. So, let’s consider what the deities do. As you may recall from other discussions, deities use their universal energy when there comes a need to create “something from nothing”. So, our deity or deities have attributes that they “suggest” to us as to how to live successfully. Using the boundaries set forth by the original spirits, like the fates, they suggest actions to take. However, they are suggestions and are therefore to detour away from, with the use of our free will. 

The most beneficial information that all entities try to teach, or remind us of, the value of peaceful co-existence with all entities on all planes of existence. It is our co-existence that gives us many more options after leaving our physical body, as well as much more knowledge and wisdom before that body leaves us. For this reason, all messages or knowledge given by the deities will be a true pasty of co-existence, as in if, one finds someone else’s beliefs offensive, then that individual has misinterpreted the information given to them. One needs to seriously contemplate the differences between “practice” and the “theology” of a religious doctrine. Whereas the theology is the actual communications you have with a deity, the “practice” is how you are to behave as a practitioner of the religious doctrine.

Remember, practice is defined as physical action steps necessary to demonstrate the alliances, while the theology is more of a theory, or thought system. When listening to practitioners, my first indication as to what we’re discussing by listening to what others are saying, is which side of this fence we find ourselves on. While the underlying theology for monotheism is sound, and regardless of the story one desires to wrap around their theology, it is the practice that has undermined  any positivity that the theology may have created. The tolerance, even the embracing of the methods that monotheism was forced on many cultures throughout the world.


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