Skáldskapr: Spiritually connecting to objects.

Many people have inquired about amulets or objects to include in their rituals to recognize their gods, or spiritual connections throughout the physical plane. They have inquired as to how do they go about setting up their alters to perform rituals and/or prayer sessions. While the spiritual self is connected to the spiritual realm at all times, they feel as if they must perform some type of ritual for good omens. This is a great discussion to have, as most in the modern times have long forgotten the ancient ways or Forn Sidr. Let us take todays session, and discuss our connecting objects within our spirituality as the tokens or totems they are. Whenever we start this discussion the idea of idols to focus our spiritual energy on, the first topic should be as to whether the object has ever had a life force within it. We need to identify those objects that have had life as they will have the memories of directing the life force, whereas man-made objects will not.



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