Skáldskapr: The experience of eternity after physical death.

Most physical beings throughout the history who have put any thought to it, have wondered what happens to our consciousnesses when our physical sensory input stops and the physical body ceases to function anymore. What really happens when the bio-electricity generated and managed by our physical body stops inputting information into our brain? Many have come to me fearful of death, and I have met many who are fighting tooth and nail to retain their physical body, fearful of succumbing to their physical death , sometimes enduring endless pain and suffering. The aged old questions about what we can expect to experience when we let out our last breath has plagued humankind for as long as we have had cognitive thought. Many people have come to me and inquired as to whether they should be afraid of death, or not. Humankind has been afraid of the unknown powers of the universe for as long as they have had cognitive thinking processes. Some have been programmed by years of religious practices that have taught them to fear death because of this unknown. However, I am here to tell you that there is no unknown. Death, is just the passing of the physical body leaving then the spiritual consciousness to then explore its next phase of existence. Remembering that the spiritual realm isn’t bound by the laws of time and space means, many, many, questions could be answered as we slip our earthly bonds. All of those things attached to our biological body are then left behind, typically this includes pain and suffering as the physical body has been shutting down. Much like all other life forms, in many cases, we have a rebirth in to the next phase of our lives which, is our spiritual existence.


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