Skáldskapr: The failings of “religious” thinking.

Skáldskapr: The failings of “religious” thinking.

The primary reason I’ve decided to teach the ways of my ancestors to others is the negative influence that the monotheistic churches have had on the psychology of the average person. The guilt/shame cycle used by these “churches” have traversed hundreds of generations and have led to the psychologic damage of more persons than any other single factor. It is for this reason that any who have come to me asking for any type of guidance, I have given it without remorse or fear of misunderstanding, as I have no need, nor any necessity, to promote the message of hate and segregation supported by these “church” organisations.

 My primary enemy in my quest to help people find a balance is the “christian” church, as it has had the single largest impact throughout the world, and continues today. Many individuals whom have sought my counsel have the intrinsic value judgment of “right versus wrong” or “good versus evil” based on what the architects of this religion believed during the many evolutions. However, the winds constantly shift with the theology of the christian church due to their attempt at assimilation of the populations wherever the practice expands. Right versus wrong always seems to be against mainstream religion until the architects feel that the religious practice is excluding too many, or the population support is waning.

The “Old Norse” had a couple of terms that seemed to really create a set of visions in my head that I think it necessary to share. It is particularly interesting that they recognised the future and attempted to thwart it. The terms:

Ægishjalmr means the “helm of awe or terror”. The symbol was used most often in magic to induce delusion or forgetfulness.

Seior was a special form of magic used to create illusions or prevent people from seeing things the way they really are.

To me, this meant volumes. As I can see using the Seior as camouflage to sneak warriors into a location as a surprise attack, one needed to consider why they particularly identified it this way, unless they saw something brewing (I.e., religious practices from the South) that would blind people from the reality of the truth. As I’ve undertaken some studies in the art of Seior, I’ve discovered that any time its mentioned, its a dark or unwanted practice, and not in the method that we would use the term camouflage today. Therefore it indicates that maybe there was some understanding by these ancestors about what these newer Southern religious practices would bring to the world.

Look at its association with the ruling classes throughout the history of humankind. The fastest way to get the population under the control of the church was to encourage the ruling classes of the day. As the religious practice migrated north from the mediterranean area of its birth, it sought out kings and queens throughout those early communities. By giving credence to their practice, they typically appointed them of a “royalty” from their god. They moved north through the Germanic tribes north, eventually arriving in these lands of the Northern European or “Norse”.  As you can clearly see reading the text of this new practice, many of the stories, and back stories were directly borrowed from the legends and myths of those Germanic tribes in an attempt to “sell” this new practice to the communities they encountered along the way.

Examine the conflicts that have been carried out in the name of the church.

With the appropriation of the royalty of the day, the church was able to crush those who dissented, with the concede or die mentality. In addition, in many locations, if the king told the population to do something, they did it, again coming back to the conform or perish predicament that many have found themselves in. This was witnessed thousands of time throughout history, as these charlatans “of the church” were able to shroud their true agenda within this new practice. It would take centuries to unshackle the church from the individual states, or ruling classes. Many royalty held high positions within that communities church, however, their role always came second to the imaginary deity who could destroy at will. The shackling that happened also gave the church what it was really looking for, wealth. This practice continues today, as churches are always circumventing taxation laws to provide “more” for the church. 

The christian church would go on to fight a hundred year war with the other predominant monotheistic practice of the time, the Nation of Islam, or Muslims. Effectively sentencing hundreds of thousands of humans to death in a battle to display the inability to coexist. Upon arrival in the new world (North America) these same individuals turned their attention the indigenous practices of spirituality and murdered hundreds of thousands more, not by germs, but just killing them if they didn’t adopt the invader’s religious beliefs. Missionaries were sent to the far reaches of the new world to locate and convert all the indigenous peoples to this practice, or kill them all that didn’t. It is a pattern that has continued for this ands of years, yet, they are the ones who tell us what is “right or wrong”. Does that make sense? 

In each of these monotheistic practices we find the ability, and obligatory support of radicalism. While they may deny it publicly, the fact that they try to convince the population that they are different, attempting to separate themselves from this supposedly wayward group. The writings, and values are ingrained in the practitioners. They are unable to see through the smoke and mirrors to expose the truth. The reality of the matter is that this “practice” was conceived, structured, and developed with the sole purpose of controlling the population by exploiting our innate fear of the unknown. You might say that my distaste for christianity is strong, but yet I say to you, prove me wrong. Tell me how a practice of tolerated violence against others for the sake of forcing them to believe something they don’t, is something that makes sense. Yet today it has become the largest social network in human history.

Today’s Teachings

Throughout history I have watched the bully force others to behave the way he wants,

I have seen him engage in forceful behavior that forces others to conform or die,

He traverses the land like the shadow of death, he cares not for anyone but him.

Yet he snuggles to kings and queens just to be sure,

That the people have no choice but to endure.

Some of his words are familiar, yet strange to hear,

He teaches of love with the end of his spear.

His pockets he fills from people who have nothing to eat, 

He takes our children without nary a thought, teaches them thoughts that are untrue.

I have seen this bully crush nations and poison the people without remorse,

Death is his business, and business is good.

Like many I was once afraid,

Now with the strength of my ancestors, no more do I fear,

I have found his weakness and I hope to expose it.

The truth is his weakness, by knowing the whole scene,

We can all come together and crush him, relieving the people of pain.

Removing the shame, removing the guilt.

Tell the whole truth and not tolerate any of it.


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