Skáldskapr: The Quantum Science of Prayer.

Many of those who would condemn my teachings have come to me and complained about my beliefs in the mystical world of magic, typically associating it with “evil”, or dark forces. Honestly, there is absolutely no difference between my understandings of magic, and that of the modern day prayer.  To this point, some early transcripts have been recovered that demonstrate the early church’s adaptation of many of the local customs within the areas they invaded. Today, I’d like to look at the power of prayer, or more importantly, the spiritual energy that moves prayers and spells from incantation to manifestation in the physical realm. But, I don’t want us to waste our time looking at these spiritual process through the glasses of modern day religion, but instead, look at this phenomenon from a quantum scientific level. While the many different discussions I have had with different people have led me to believe that the allegations I have made about the “brainwashing caused by the modern monotheistic practices” is accurate, I truly believe it is a matter of those individual demanded ignorance, and ultimately has come down to different perspectives of the same understandings.


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