Skáldskapr: The silence of power.

I’m writing this one for my second youngest son, and although he is only eleven years old, I think an understanding of a man’s real power could help boys and men throughout our community. Today I’d like to discuss the real power of a man, regardless of what modern-day America tries to convince us is their truth.

Taking a cue from my ancestors on this one, at the risk of sounding like an internet meme. What really is the true power of a boy or man in modern America? Let’s talk about that, what does it mean? What does it mean in today’s society to be a direct descendent of a Viking warrior?

Being all powerful doesn’t mean imposing one’s will on others, it simply means having the ability to protect and defend what is yours. This is both in the figurative, and well as the physical senses. Allowing others to dictate one’s emotion and/or knowledge reduces our ability to defend ourselves. Being duped into believing something that is not real is the lure of Loki.

Our reading for today echos the message of a previous message, ultimately the stealthy covering of ones intrinsic and visible power is critical to ones inclusion within society. This inclusion within our community is what has driven societies, and their creation, since the beginning of time.

Today’s reading

The unbridled power contained within the earth is displayed periodically when its surface violent adjusts to the shifting of the lands.

The power contained within the skies are unleashed throughout the year when tornados and hurricane force winds tear apart community and individual lives.

The power within the sea can either be very visible, or hidden deep within the glassy surface.

Man’s power is contained within their hearts, not within their muscles. 

The control of this power is retained by that man’s mind.

Power is never defined as the display of physical brutality, but an infinite level of control used to contain the emotional passion which leads to physical brutality.

Real power is within the recesses of the mind. While it may be displayed by strength, or dexterity, or force, it ultimately is the wisdom as to when to use what level. There is a reason that those who control great power, can also display great passion. They have the innate ability to focus their passions on those things that benefit those around them.

Power include empathy and love. Great power possesses both the heart, and mind. 

The fact that many men allow themselves to be manipulated into physical confrontation, or superiority thinking, in hopes that someone recognizes their power. However, what they don’t understand, is that true power doesn’t need approval, because one of the base tenants of power is mental control of the weirder. The premise here is that by retaining control of your emotions, and not allow anyone to cause you to lose control of them.


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