Skáldskapr: Understanding the causation of Division.

In this episode I’d like to speak to the ways that many among us have sought to keep the people separated, either inadvertently, or on purpose, the end goal is the same. Once a “seed of thought” is planted for division, the participants will exaggerate it whether real or not. I’d like to discuss the differences between the natural division of people and beliefs by both: geographic separation, and population control division. This practice really came into usage many generations before the changeover of the geological epoch, thereby forcing a “we versus them” type of mentality, particularly regarding spirituality. The unfortunate reality is that society seems to find more ways to separate peoples, and in many cases, “pit” them against each other. We need to consider all of these methods of division, and  set them aside to achieve harmony and tranquility. Let us invoke the all-father.

In todays discussion I’d like to speak about all the means that modern society has found to divide the people. I’d like to look at a true co-existence with our fellow humans here on the physical plane. As I’ve mentioned before, and I’m sure to mention again, we need to look deep into our hearts to identify the message we are sending with our aura. While many will attempt to sway our emotions with their sweet sounding words, the connection we make with others is with our spiritual aura. Do, how exactly do we establish the right message for a true co-existence?

If we consider that there are several intrinsic connections from the human body to this aura, we need to be sure we examine each one.

  1. The strongest connection to our aura is the chemical balance within our mind. They way that is presented is via the emotional conversion to energy. However it is this intrinsic energy that directly powers the aura, as well as giving the energy necessary for magic and prayers asked if our deities.
    1. Still our mind and seek an emotional neutrality. The best way to do this is through meditation, especially before having a real good grasp of doing it “on the fly”. Stopping random thoughts, focus on the emotion we wish to portray. We have all heard the aged-old theory of smiling while you’re talking on the phone. The energy created will be transmitted through the line. In the same way if we focus on liking the other person, the same will be transmitted to the aura.
  2. Forget our judgments. Frequently we may place some imagined value judgment on others before they ever have a chance to prove otherwise. Be cognizant of what you are thinking about those around you. In many cases people will live up to your expectations, so set the bar higher. The difficulty with these judgments is that they then alter our biological chemistry, thereby altering the sensory input into the brain. Within this contaminated process lies the ability to cause long-lasting damage to the information, which may give rise to an undesired emotional response. Without being judgmental about people, places, things, or information, we afford ourselves the potential to learn and grow which otherwise we wouldn’t have had.
  3. Listen to learn not to talk. Most people are in a conversation purely for the sake of rebuttal of something said. They get their response stuck in their head, and either interject it immediately, or wait to respond when the speaker has completed. However, in this way they have been unable to truly process what has been said, only retaining the conversation up to the point where their response was formed. It should come as no surprise that the deities gave us two ears, and only one mouth. This means that we should spend twice as much time listening as we do speaking. Remember our life on the physical plane is to learn emotion, and ultimately, empathy.
  4. Be the friend you’d like to have, even to strangers. When considering our outward appearance, there is a wonderful line from a movie that I’d like to share which I’d like to share. The movie “A Knights tale” starring Heath Ledger. In the scene, the authorities have discovered that he is not of noble birth, and therefore cannot complete in the King’s tournament. In lieu of running away he faces the charges, and his accusers head-on. He is arrested and placed in stockades in the middle of the town square where the townsfolk are throwing vegetables at him. His faithful teammates attempt to protect him, however they too are pelted with the produce. Then, as if on cue, Prince Edward steps from the crowd and demonstrates his authority, and makes a statement which has become my mantra for interaction with others.

“What a pair we make, huh? Both trying to hide who we are, both unable to do so. Your men love you. If I knew nothing else about you, that would be enough. But you also tilt when you should withdraw — and that is knightly, too.”

Ever since I first saw this movie many years ago, this quote always chokes me up as it is one of the most true statements I have ever heard. The idea, that others would travel through the valley of death, and stand before the gates of Niflhel for us, demonstrates how we treat others. It also speaks volumes about the type of people we are. More importantly this is the vision your mind creates within our aura. It is this type of presentation we want to make with our aura.

By seeking those methods of separating peoples, whether by skin color, sex, or any other physical trait is silly, and feeds the eternal flame of population mind/behavior control that has been burning for quite some time. On the other side of the coin, like my ancestors knew, people were people, as long as an individual sought honor and truth, they were a part of the clan. Yes, everyone had a stereotypical role they could engage in, however it wasn’t carved in stone. My ancestors believed, and I fully believe it, was that each person was capable in some way of giving to the clan in their own way.  In Norse society, there were women who were chieftains, and Moors (darker skin) who were part of clans. Those two factors didn’t matter as long as one pulled one’s weight, and was honorable, they were a contributing member of the clan.

It is said, that those who seek hate, division, and disorder, will find it everywhere. In the same way, those who seek harmony and peaceful co-existence will find that everywhere as well. Every day we are confronted with events that can divide us, or unify us, the chose is really up to each of us in every interaction. Each of these mindsets can be easily passed to future generations, as well as others witnessing the events. It is up to each of us to make a better world. One interaction at a time.


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