Skáldskapr: Understanding the Chakras

Hello my friends, and welcome to this week’s discussion about moving the spiritual energy from all around us through our aura to the physical body to provide healing energy. As you may remember from last week we talked about the necessity and function of the aura, and how some of the energy passed through the aura, is absorbed into the physical self, which may translate into physical sensory input instead of what they were intended as. While other particles of energy are passed to the chakras, to provide good feelings, and spiritual healing. We might also remember that the there was several key factors that could potentially damage this transmission of energy within the construct of our aura. Whether we are identifying the frequency at which the aura is projected, or the clarity of the aura’s transmission channels, which could severely alter these energy particles passing through it. Before we journey too far into the Chakras, let us consider for a moment what energy are we talking about. We are talking about love. The loving energy of Mother Earth who is constantly projecting love and light to all the inhabitants.


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