Skáldskapr: Understanding the spiritual world.

This episode will introduce you to my studied perspective about the sensory input channels we all have inside. We are all very familiar with the most notable five, those would be vision, hearing, tasting, smelling, and feeling. Most are not familiar with the sixth sense, other than the Hollywood movie of the same name. This sixth sense was originally identified within the oral traditions that described the mystical forces throughout Midgard, and these stories were relayed to me by my great grandmother many years ago. The more I researched it, the more I discovered it’s legitimacy. The understanding of spiritual communications that are always going on, will hopefully allow you to understand the constant influences we have in our lives whether we believe in it or not. For clarification about these spiritual sensory channel, I want to include an understanding of (what the Norse called) the Landvætti or “land spirits”, and the early indigenous peoples of North America called the “spirits”. These spirits throughout the lands and seas, the skies, as well as all living things, have an integral part in creating, and influencing our human journey through our physical life times.

The fact that these were clearly identified in most early civilizations world wide independently should also provide another level of legitimacy. Accepting and understanding the existence of these land spirits explains much of our interaction with the natural world around us. Whether it be “bad dreams”, or “sickness”, or other things that we are unable to immediately understand the relationship between the self and this spiritual source at its face value. Much of our journey is influenced by these bodiless energy sources in their quest to ensure balance.

Receiving spiritual communications into our brains constantly had been both a benefit, and a distraction for multitudes of individuals throughout the millennia. Now, with my technical skills acquired over the years, I’ll add that much of the modern-day wireless radio waves dominate our ability to hear the spirits, which is why we must venture away from society to where the air is filled with these spiritual voices, or become highly skilled at “listening with the soul” to effective communicate with our spirits. It can be done, however it takes a lot of practice and focus. But alas, we have already spoken of how we need to train our minds in previous talks, and establish the right conditions conducive to this type of connection.

So let us speak to the spirits of Midgard, and about the two different ones that live within us. My great grandmother spoke of the days when Ódinn and his brothers, slew Ymir (existence’s first life form). Because he had become so large and powerful from the milk of Audhumla the cow who licked the glacier, they slew him to ensure he wouldn’t terrorize the realms. There was so much blood that it drowned all the giants except for two. These two would eventually repopulate, but as per Ódinn and his brothers they were relegated to live their lives in Jotunheim. Ultimately they feared that his spirit would create another giant of his size, as he was the largest ever, so they took his spirit and broke it into millions of pieces. Knowing that Ymir had both good and bad spirits contained, they took one of each and placed it in every living thing. They saved some for the land, the sea, the air, and all the things that these gods felt was worthy enough for its own spirits. In some things there is more good, in others there is more bad than good. Ultimately at the end of the day there became no way for Ymir’s spirit to reassemble. Generation after generation of life’s created, continued to subdivide the parental spirits through their children, from that generation to now.

As a surviving Norse mystic (at the time), my great grand-mother passed this tradition onto me, and I believe it with all my heart. Honestly, it really does explain everything. My doctorate theory is that these spirits are actually hard-wired into the human existence, just as surely as sight, sound, taste, or the others. The spiritual channel is a real sensory input that all of us receive all day, every day. Many folks don’t want to hear it, or they may choose to tune it out with other forces. I believe that all sensory input is filtered through the genetic chemistry layer that surrounds the brain. This chemistry layer can be altered by many things, including the sensory input received. Which means your understanding of god my be completely altered by this chemistry surrounding the brain. Therefore depending on this intrinsic, genetic chemistry, one may interpret a spiritual contact, completely inaccurately.

If we truly understand the connection using our spiritual channel, then all paths converge into where we are right now. The Landvætti has “suggested” to us the path to follow to ensure we arrive here. However, with the understanding that our path is truly our own, we are given the option to change our path, and ultimately, our trajectory through this physical life time. This is what true “free will” looks like.  The ability to change the overall trajectory of one’s life’s path means that you really can change. While others may blaspheme about converting to the truth, may the truth set you free (from the Christian holy text) but in reality, transitioning to any honorable life does indeed, set you free.

Let’s us explore some of the “evidence” I’ve witnessed throughout my studies that clearly demonstrates the functioning of this spiritual sensory channel within humans. While I wish to set aside the immediate “psychic mediums” who many may say are a fraud, I will disagree, but we’ll set them aside for the moment. I am interested in our own intrinsic “feelings”. There are many instances where we think that “if I only had more …, I’d be happy”, yet when we do have more, we are still left with a feeling of emptiness. This is the spiritual channel being empty. Or times when we have a random “thought” or “feeling” that doesn’t seem relevant to our current situation, or thought process.

“Fast friends” are another evidentiary piece to our spiritual associations to this other person. While many in long-term relationships learn to finish the others thoughts, or sentences, this stems from the spiritual channels of the two learning, and then functioning together. Have you ever noticed the “peace” we feel when we are away from civilization? That is no mistake. With each individual we interact with, there is a dependency as to which spirit that individual chooses to embrace, as we each have both a good, and a bad, side to our spirit.

I could spend another hour listing all the physical evidence that many of us experience every day throughout our lives. There are countless pieces of evidence that we have experienced that many have chosen to shut out for fears of being identified as a heretic. Things like “Deju Vu”, or the paranormal immediately come to mind. However, there also great things that can be presented through this spiritual sense, ideas, break-through, as we culminate our options an off-the-wall idea may pop in the mind. This type of activity is exactly what the spiritual sense can offer as we utilize it to connect to the spiritual world around us.

Believe it or not, but common sense has existed for hundreds of thousands of years, so many solutions that worked in those early days out of Africa may be just as applicable now as they were then. A common phrase I hear a lot is “keep it simple”, meaning that simplicity has less points of potential failure, thereby meaning that solutions to the most complex issues of the modern-day may be developed and implemented thousands of years ago.


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