Skáldskapr: Coexistence. The best way forward.

QUEST: Why can’t people get along now-a-days?

In the big picture of things within our daily lives, our current world is surrounded by evil acts, and bitter anger. In every news story I read of someone lashing out at others for situations that are typically beyond the victims control. People raiding the capital buildings of the United States are not angry at the government agents there, they are frustrated and angry with the current situation they find themselves in. However I am here to say that this bitterness, and strife amongst our peoples are not the answer we seek. It is not the way of coexistence. The path of coexistence is paved with a desire to understand through communications. Too often many forget that communications is a two directional piece. While one is speaking, the other is listening, and vice-versa, in turn.


Coexistence is a balance, no different than communications. When we act, there happens a reaction. This reaction will be against us if our action is done in anger or dislike, but for us is done in peace and goodwill.

Coexistence with our fellow humankind is like the water that caresses the large rocks of the shore. Initially there is a strong resistance, yet over time the cracks are revealed and slowly, over the years, begin to allow the water to seep in. Throughout the decades the rocks will yield to the goodness contained within the sea.

So too are the hearts of man, initially they are like the rock, but over time, with the persistence of peace and goodwill, their hearts will slowly open to coexistence and harmony.

The idea that coexistence is difficult is in the believers mind, and although some may resist at first, but kindness, with peace in ones heart, will wear down bitterness and anger. It will form the crack that will begin to undo the hardened heart, to travels the love within.


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