Skáldskapr: Conquering Depression

QUEST: How does one overcome depression?

What is depression? While it may affect different people, well differently, the idea that the mind refuses to let go of the negative energies surrounding us. Many bouts with depression are brought on my a particular event, such as losing the physical being of a friend or family member. However, the darkness that surrounds us during these times, is a conscious decision we can make. There are ways that we can combat depression without the use of medicines.

There are many forms of depression, and most current diagnosis are driven by the underlying need of human beings to be accepted, and to fit into their society. While there are some forms that are caused by a chemical imbalance within the human brain, we (as humans) can mentally force the release of chemicals within our body that can combat these negative ones. The spirits have spoken to me about my own prior bouts with depression, and they have shown me the way forward. These same spirits have opened my eyes to the many around me who have fought through, and achieved success over their own depression. 

TEACHING: As I’ve mentioned in other messages, the human existence is based solely on obtaining a balance within one’s life. Whether it is the balance between success and failure, right or wrong, or darkness and light. The idea that one must find a balance within their lives is paramount to good physical and mental health. A conflict between darkness or depression, and light or joy, is based purely on one’s perspective. As I look back on my own life, I have found a string of failures of tasks I have attempted, and I could dwell on these in an attempt to make sense of them, or determine any corrective action I need to take to change myself. As the spirits have shown me, there is another way.

In much the same way the river chooses its path through the valley, only limited by the mountains on each side. The river has a choice to make, does it stroll through the soft sand or the former river bed, or does it travel across the rocky bed? This is the same type of long-term decision we each must make when decided to foster the depressing energies of negative spirits, or associating our minds with those spirits whom provide enlightenment and happiness.

To think about a perfect Creator. One who has our final state in mind. One who knows everything we need to become successful, or obtain an understanding as to what success is. This is the one and only Creator of all life. Like those who work with clay to form pottery, he is infinitely knowledgable in what pressures need to be applied to each part of our existence to ultimately form the perfect vessel. Both inside and out the potter works his fingers over the clay while the world spins beneath it. Slowly, and intentionally, he pushes here, and there to form us. Throughout the formation of our selves, he uses the spirits around us to introduce different experiences to form our mind, and to help us to understand.

My own father cast aside his physical body, soon after I arrived home from a tour with the US Marines. While he contested the loss of his physical body for many months prior to eventually succumbing to the inevitable, his understand as to what he needed to know became clear toward the end. As I communicate with many spirits, I am comforted in the fact that his time in his physical form was successful for what the Creator wanted him to know. Yes, I must admit, I carried around a sense of guilt about his mistreatment prior to his departure, I have since learned it was all part of the master plan by the Creator to ensure my father’s success after leaving his physical body.

In the bigger picture of our existence must be the understanding that there will always be disappointment, and sadness, as it is the balance of thrill and joy, the key is to learn its purpose. A job not secured is not a failure, simply the Creator’s way of molding you in a different path. A loss of a loved one is not a sad event, but a hopeful one. Hopeful that they were able to accomplish what the Creator determined was their path. In many cases, the physical confines of pain, and grief, is not as important as our overall idea of learning and growing. As the boundaries established by the continued expansion of technology, and the changing societies we live in, continue to evolve, we must understand that the Creator has “allowed” these things to happen for a reason. I always chuckle when people say to me “God could not have predicted this”. As it immediately becomes clear that the speaker has no idea of the term “infinite being”. Not only did the Creator predict this, he ensured it would happen in such a way.

This week I hope you can find some solace in understanding the events that have happened in your life, and the ultimate outcome from those events. Again remember, you are but a pile of clay upon the Creator’s pottery wheel, being slowly, purposely, formed into the existence our Creator wanted for us. 


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