Skáldskapr: Finding Peace

QUEST: How do I obtain peace?
Within the current world there exist both positive and negative influences that may (or may not) affect our lives. When dealing with these influences, our lives may experience an imbalance caused by too much of one thing or another, or maybe a lack of interpersonal peace. Finding peace is a necessary skill that all must learn in order to retain a balance within our lives. Finding peace should be the ambition of all peoples. Regardless of any other factor, we should have and keep peace among ourselves.

There are spirits all around that can help us to find our direction should we stumble along the path. To find the peace that we want, our first step in that quest to exhibit our desires to have peace. In other words, we must seek it, to find it. Finding peace towards others begins with the desire to have peace between one’s self and others. To seek peace, one must be able to look past those negative thoughts and ideas and see the successful outcome.

There are tales of those who demanded peace, yet by the simple act of demanding, caused distrust and discourse in their discussion. However, those who seek it, those whom reach out in search of peace with others will discover it is easily found. However, one may ask “how can we seek peace with others who seek violence and hate?” This is a good question and a powerful one. One must understand that “peace” is a natural state, and that hate and distrust is an unnatural state. This means that peace will be victorious in an ultimate state, whereas peace will always conquer hate.

in this way, one must first have “inner peace” where one achieves harmony and balance within one’s self. When one truly finds this inner peace, the natural world will provide the necessary situations that will assist one in achieving peace in a situation where others have not found their inner peace. When the mind is out of balance due to an excessive amount of alcohol or drugs, or even darker thoughts, then the balance must be restored, by the removal of those things. Take from one’s life those things or people whom disturb one’s inner peace.

We find in nature, where the tree grows among the grass. The tree absorbs more of the local water, thereby depriving the grass directly around its trunk of water, and thereby causing the grass to wither and die. However, the tree and the grass learn to cohabitate in the same area by sharing the water, then, the tree provides shade for the grass which prevents it from being scorched by the sun. In addition, the tree collects dew on its branches and leaves which drop to the grass to provide additional water for the grass. The two ultimately live in harmony together.

-Alaska Outlaw

One must be peaceful to find peace, peace cannot be enforced, but yet easily obtained in our natural states. Meditation is a great way to find one’s inner peace, and remaining mindful of always seeking a peaceful resolution no matter how long it takes. Simply enjoy the experiences offered by those things and people around us every day, for living our lives in a peaceful way is the best way to demonstrate our respect for the spirits whom guide us along our journey.

Knowing in one’s heart that we are all equal in our knowing of the spirits, and we must learn to listen to the quiet voices in our heart as to the necessary direction for our actions.

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