Skáldskapr: Modern-Day Life

What can be said about living life today in this modern-day, break-neck speed, rat race that many call “living”, that hasn’t already be said? The hurry up, dependency on the newest technology has taken many for a journey outside the confines of sanity. Many people have come to me and asked me to help them obtain a balance or to help them find their inner peace. However, these are the same people who immediately pick up their phone when it makes a noise or vibrates.

Modern-day life really is what you make it. Each of us has a choice to make. We can choose to be free of our devices, or we can continue to allow them to control our thoughts and feelings. It really helps me when I put down my phone and look around at the world around me. The people. The sights. The wonder and awesomeness of the evolution of mankind. I think back to the visions I’ve had of my ancestors leaving their birthplace there in Africa. I think of the terror they must have had as the ventured out across the land. The amazement as they discovered plants, animals, and oh what a sight it must have been to see the world the ways it was. What calms me, as I think of their journey, is the discovery they must have experienced. Maybe this should be our teaching for the day. How can we all revisit the simpler times when we could stop and take a breath.


To combat the hustle and bustle of these modern times we must seek to enrich our lives, and not our gold. We must come to appreciate the truly important pieces of our lives. Creating an endearing relationship with Peace and Tranquility, if only for short moments. Respect the time spent seeking harmony within one’s life. We are all too often in so much of a hurry to get to our next task, that we forget that, many times, it is the journey that is the real experience.

I am reminded of an old story about the mighty oak tree that grows throughout the land. How many gaze upon it with awe and marvel at its strength. Many use its wood for durable products that continue to endure long after the tree’s spirit has moved to the spirit world. However what many don’t understand about the mighty oak, or they have forgotten, is that the real strength within the mighty tree is its ability to flex when necessary. When the brother winds shake their fists in anger, and wage war upon the lands and seas. The mighty oak gently sways with brother wind, almost as if dancing together. It is this part of the mighty oak that truly provides its strength, which allows it to grow to its full height. There is wisdom to be found when one relaxes with the situations we find ourselves in.

Modern day America has become a fast-paced, me generation driven, path a destruction. We must all take cognizant steps to step away to rest and recover. We must use every opportunity to slow down and enjoy those things that we work so hard for. I encourage each of us to take one hour a night to enjoy the people around us, and another hour to see all our accomplishments.


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