Skáldskapr: The path of right.

The issue with the modern world we live in, is that we’ve moved away from a fact-checking world to accepting the perception of much of the world around us. This fundamental change has seemingly caused more destruction to much of the social fabric that humans had woven up to the release of technology. Most are content with the acceptance of the half-based truths that splash across their social media feeds. Many people who meet me for the first time are confused, believing that I should act a certain way. They ask me why I behave the way I do? I drink whiskey straight out of the bottle, chew tobacco, swear like a Marine, ride Harleys, and sometimes I’m not a nice person to be around. However, I am human. 

My goal in life is to learn. But, with all these faults i found an understanding as to what guides me to feel certain ways. Why do I get angry? Or sad? Or even envious? Why do I permit others to inspire me to feel certain ways? This is part of the psychological battle we all face as human beings. We want acceptance. The less we have experienced acceptance throughout our lives, the more we may seek it. Or, some could we just be trying to be defiant, or disagreeable because that spirit has moved within us? To obtain a balance, we must understand what these triggers are and implement methods to help us deal with them. It is our tolerance of allowing these feelings of resentment and distrust to continue unchecked in our lives, and interactions with others. Before we cast the first rock of judgement, we must first evaluate our own feelings to ensure they are not further clouding the situation.

How others may seem when viewing them from outside their skin should not be the trigger for judgement. Are they wrong? Each person has a different path to travel throughout their lives, balancing their current interactions with others to that of the emotional memories they are carrying from previous relationships. By looking at others there is no real way to know where they are along their spiritual journey to finding their balance, or their inner peace. There are others who carry the preconceived notions of right and wrong based on a societal control paradigm that was implemented around 3500 years ago. These unrealistic judgements placed on the differences of others lies the foundations for mistrust and shunning. We can’t judge what coping mechanisms other have chosen to use to help themselves in understand their world.

So let’s talk for a minute about what the aforementioned paradigm has brainwashed humans to think. Speaking about the evil versus the the good in people, compared against those who have chosen to remain neutral. I very much enjoy. Those who say not be judge mental, yet are the first to cast the judge mental stones at those they interact with. Sins. The most powerful asset of the mind-control of religion, as its vague enough to be applied to anything, and typically indiscriminately. Many things around us may not be as they seem, for still waters may be very deep. The old concept of not judging a book by its cover comes to mind, as does the teachings of the ancestors before me.

Teaching: when one seeks discourse or differences, they can be found in every corner of the world, and skies above. Yet, those who seek peace and harmony can find that too. We reap what we sow. 

I am reminded of spirits before our ancestors who sought to destroy the sun by destroying her daughter. An older story that tells of two braves who found the house of the sun’s daughter, and ultimately sent her to the land of the dead. The sun was so distraught that it went into her child’s home and wept for many days. While the sun was hidden in her child’s home weeping, the lands became bitter cold and some perished because of it. The Shaman, who realized what happened, told two braves not filled with darkness, to venture into the land of the dead. The shaman would provide passage to this land with the help of the spirits. When the braves found the daughter of the sun, they were told to bring her home in a box that the Shaman gave them. They were told that after she was in the box they could not open it until they reached the village where the Shaman would open the box with the spirits to ensure that she would be whole again. Although the brave men wanted so badly to return the warmth, the struggled keeping the box closed, as the daughter begged for drinks of water. It was a long journey back to the village, and she repeatedly asked for water. Once the braves passed from the land of the dead into the spiritual world they could resist her cries no longer and opened the box to give her water. Immediately the woman who had been put in the box became a raven and escaped into the sky. Immediate the raven flew as high as she could and called for her mother. The sun, realizing who she was rushed outside the house to greet her, and she realized her daughter, now a raven, had returned only partially from the land of the dead, was happy to have her home. From that day until today, the Sun continues to warm the land and provide light. The raven spends its time between the lands of her ancestors, and the sky to be with her mother.

Those who sought to destroy the sun’s child  reaped their own journey to the land of the dead without the benefit of the sun’s warmth, while those who understood the balance between day and night, reaped longevity and happiness.

I have spoken before about finding one’s inner peace. I encourage each of you to seek that balance within yourself before trying to understand the dynamic environment of interactivity with others. Seek to be understanding of every person’s journey. Remember, their journey is not the same as yours. They have other things to learn in their physical lifetimes.


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