Each day we experience an existence of wonder and learning. Whether the lessons are about a physical task we desire, or we are seeking to control the chemical alchemy our bodies produces that our minds interpret as emotion. This physical existence is all about learning and gaining the relational experiences that our spiritual selves desire to have for themselves, or for a better connection through empathy, the idea is the same. Taking time out of the “hustle and bustle” of everyday living to recognize the spiritual connections all around allows us to develop ways to become more harmonious with our existence. Join the shaman on these short adventures of learning about how he sees in the world around him.

Recognizing the Magic

Within the lessons of living is the recognition of miniscule magical events that occur within every space around us. Whether it be the wonderous magic of Mother Nature as she uses dark and light energy to transform herself and the things upon her, or other physical forms using their spiritual connections to create a reality that they desire. All of these events require the magic of transformation, learning to appreciate the value in each little step within existence builds to a crescendo of success for each of us. Join us on these identified smaller steps to a greater window.

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