Authentic Conversations

It was a wonderful experience to authentically communicate with Mark Weisman about the shamanic roles that emerge from within as well as how we can transform the pain of our lives into healing journeys for ourselves and others.

Thank you so much!

I am eternally grateful for the Shaman giving me my husband back. Over the last few months my husband has been meeting with the Shaman and whatever they discussed has given me the loving man I married back. My husband…

Introduction to myself.

Before I met the Shaman I was being crushed by societal pressures on me to be and act a certain way. This had led to a life of alcohol/drug addiction that had me spiraling out of control. Finally in the…

Enlightenment for Me

I have been struggling with stress and anxiety for years to the point of needing medication. After working with the Shaman I have since removed my medications and have learned to take control of my emotional life leading me to…

A teacher of “Me”

Before I met the Ulfhednar, I had no idea who I was. I was angry and bitter about having lived up to that point by “the fates”. With the help and guidance of the Shaman, I was able to take…

Gift from the gods.

I could write a really sappy paragraph about how I was in such a really dark place when I found the Úlfhédnar, but instead, I’ll say that I’ll never be able to repay him for the gifts he has given…

How do I thank you?

I was struggling with the idea of walking away from everything, seriously contemplating ending my life, when a friend suggested I meet with a Shaman. Being as cynical as I was, I doubted this religious man would have any benefit….

The next level.

If you need answers, this is the guy to see. Originally I chose him because friends said he was a “Viking”. The best thing I ever did, he was absolutely fantastic in helping me and my family.

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