Introduction to myself.

Before I met the Shaman I was being crushed by societal pressures on me to be and act a certain way. This had led to a life of alcohol/drug addiction that had me spiraling out of control. Finally in the winter of 2021 I overdosed and was admitted to the hospital. During my stay in the hospital, the person next to me had invited the Shaman to provide a blessing and help her undo the dark energy that was making the illness. While there I asked if she wouldn’t mind if I asked the Shaman questions. What a journey that led to! An exploration and introduction to myself that I never knew I could be! I have now over eighteen months of drug/alcohol free living and am beginning to know the real, powerful me. I can never express enough of my deepest gratitude to the shaman for not being judgmental and introducing me to myself. Love and light Shaman!


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