How many ways to say THANK YOU

After losing my best friend while serving in the military overseas, I was without direction, and without hope. I became self-destructive, wrecking all the relationships around me, drinking myself stupid. After a particular evening of mayhem, as I sat in a jail cell, I heard two other guys talking, and one of them mentioned this “wannabe” Viking who thought he knew it all. I was intrigued and after I got out of jail I looked him up. We arranged a meeting. Not one to be trifled with, he is not a “wannabe”, he is absolutely the real thing. Although he swears he isn’t a Viking, I have never felt more comfortable with someone. No bullshit, he told me to “put my big boy pants on and get this done”. He gave me some GREAT tips for controlling my rage, and anger, while he helped me understand where I had to resolve some stuff. Today, I’m proud to report that the woman of my dreams has agreed to marry me, and my life is absolutely fantastic.


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