My son is home…

My son recently returned home from three tours to Afghanistan with the US Army. He struggled with the things he saw and was finding it incredibly difficult to get back to normal life. My wife and I were concerned as he seemed to climb his way into a bottle for relief. A friend of ours suggested we have our son meet with the Úlfhédnar. Although incredibly reluctant, he went with us and met the Úlfhédnar. All I can say is WOW! The immediate impact he had on all of us, especially our son. Úlfhédnar is one of those people you meet who commands your respect even if you’ve never met him. After several sessions, our son stopped his destructive actions and turned his life around completely. We are absolutely thrilled to recommend the Úlfhédnar to anyone who is struggling with PTSD, or other psychological trauma. Six thumbs up from this family. Thank you so much.


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