Understanding the Self

As a Shaman

As a Celtic-Norse Shaman, my gift from my gods is to enlighten the world’s population with the understandings necessary to embrace the spiritual guidance offered by the many different spiritual entities around us. Whether it be knowledge offered by the deities, or my brothers and sisters of the Landvætti, or even by our ancestors, the wisdom given to me is passed on to all peoples that they may live free of stress and mental strife.

  • Spiritual Guide
  • Counselor
  • Traditional Shaman
  • Healer
  • Friend

My role as a Shaman in the modern world is to enlighten my fellow physical beings that they may develop and discover their own connections to the spiritual realm to use in their own way to build better lives for themselves and others around them.

As a Shaman, I am thrilled to be a part of many lives, personally witnessing the legacy of each generation. As such I offer my services to all those who seek it, as well as offering wisdom through the different podcast shows.

Each person provides value to their Community

Suicide is NEVER the answer.

As a Counselor

Dr. Mark Weisman has spent his entire physical life as a devout student of life. Living the experiences that has been provided for him for the forces within the Universe. While he is spiritually based in his understandings, he also possesses the “real-world” experiences that helps him assist others in finding a way forward in their lives. The eternal optimist, he believes that we all have the tools and energy necessary to obtain a happy, healthy, content life. Having spent over two decades assisting men and women exposed to the ravages of combat, he has developed several secular methods in which to move past the suffering and remorse of those experiences to a life filled with harmony and peace.

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Our “Selves”

As spiritual beings bonded to a physiological body, there are many aspects that some do not fully understand. Between the years of practice, thought, and meditation, I have learned that this biological body we inhabit for a time has some basic constructs that we need to understand if we are to achieve the success we want.

  1. Our Genetics. Our genetic foundation is created by our immediate ancestral bodies (biological mother and father). This foundation is a snapshot of their genetics at the moment of submission. As these two genetic collections begin the process joining, they are bonded to a spiritual entity. The spiritual entity will then assist in the further assignment of genetic construction (whether dominant, or recessive genes will prevail, or not).
  2. Our Chemistry. Immediately following the the genetic construction of the cells that begin to construct the human body, the development (typically inherited from the biological mother) of the hormones, and their modulation mechanisms take place. This hormone creation piece creates changes within the blood stream of the new biological life form. As the baby grows, it is “trained” as to what these changes represent. If the brain detects some of a particular hormone, it attempts to gather the information about how the mother is interpreting it, and this is how we lay the foundation as to what hormone imbalances within the bloodstream mean.
  3. Our Spirituality. As the baby brain is formed, so too is the connection to the spiritual entity’s aura. This aura allows for the receipt of further instruction and understandings that are passed to the unborn child. Some of these inputs from the aura will cause a change within the chemistry of the bloodstream, which are then interpreted by the brain as emotions, which can then alter the genetic code within the child. Our spirituality is better understood when we break it down the Quantum mechanics of it.

As this scenario plays out thousands of times per second, our emotions can change based on these factors, which can then cause a change to our genetic DNA. Our DNA is not the same as it was yesterday, and we have the ability to change it throughout our lives. This is a powerful tool that we need to understand. We can indeed change our lives.

The Quantum Mechanics to Existence

To better understand how each of us lives our biological experience as a spiritual being, we need to have an idea of the Quantum Physics of Human Existence. The human body can create up to 2000 watts of power, with the standard being about half of that at 1000 watts, yet typically runs on about 10 to 100 millivolts. As a point of fact, the Sinoatrial node (SA) is located in the right atrium of the heart, and uses our intrinsic energy stores to ensure that our heartbeat remains steady.

  1. Incoming Energy. Every second of every day we are receiving energy into our aura from many different sources extrinsically. Deities send energy, land spirits send energy, our ancestors send energy, other spiritual entities interacting with the physical plane send energy, even our descendants send energy. The sun, the earth, the moon, even the winds send us energy all the time. Many people choose to discard this inbound energy, however ultimately, there are two major forms of incoming energy. Healing energy, and experiential energy. One is used to heal the mind and body, while the other expands our wisdom throughout our life times.
  2. Outgoing Energy. As spiritual beings we send energy, whether it be in prayer or spell incantation, these sent energies are used to inspire other spiritual entities to engage in some form of suggestion. Whether it be to “reallocate” an already existent material resource, or another’s emotional shift toward a particular desired direction. We can also send energy for healing purposes to any other spiritual entity.
  3. Energy Consumption. Within our bodies we consume many different types of energy, as well as store some for future use. Excitement of muscles within the body is typically energized by caloric energy, or the byproduct of sugars being released into the muscle cells. Remember, that although it might only be a small visual movement, there may be a substantial amount of muscles that have to move to make it happen, this energy is the most substantial amount within the human body. The next form is the nervous energy, and this form can be combined with our spiritual energy as transmissions from other spiritual entities to our spiritual self may be picked on on these circuits within our bodies. In addition, we find that when the “gates” are opened, and the Potassium (electrons) within a cell becomes intermixed with the Sodium (protons) outside the cell, this chemical reaction causes electricity to be created. This is the amplification energy.

This same sort of bio-electricity is how our ancestors communicate with us everyday, they provide us with healing and their experiences to help us grow. In much the same way your brain tells you that the pan is hot that you just touched, so too do your ancestors tell you that you need to love yourself first. Some have reported that “they don’t know how they know, they just know something”, this is a signature of understanding that our ancestor passed on some knowledge that our subconscious mind has accepted as a fact.

These are the understandings that we all need to experience, and to hold in our hearts. Even those who have come to doubt the spiritual realm as “hocus pocus” type of stuff. The reality is, that our base psychology is formed by the things we experience, and those things we are given from our ancestors.

What exactly is a Shaman?

The Shaman has existed before recorded history. Typically the Shaman represent wisdom which comes from age, spiritual traveling, or a combination of both. The key to what Shaman so special is that they rely on the universal energies to heal and teach, as they have learned how to funnel this energy for the right intentions. Most Shaman’s rely on the visitor to provide their own energy, and only need slight guidance to help them help themselves. Shaman’s are not bound by one practice, as they recognize the powers of the universe to provide different perspectives to the whole.  While they may choose to practice one way or another, they are more open to different interpretations than mainstream religions. Shaman’s have connected to the spiritual realm, and are familiar with the powers therein. They are healers, or wise-men, or peace keepers, they understand the mysterious powers of nature, and understand how human fit into the grand scheme of our physical existence.

Shaman’s Traditional Roles

Outside of the spiritual teachings, the Shaman does perform traditional spiritual leadership roles:

  • Blessings, and rituals of celebration and mourning.
  • Weddings, and marriage counseling.
  • Divination and spiritual counseling.

If you are interested in the Shaman for one of these traditional roles, please reach out to us at shaman@akulfhednar.com


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