Our Services

All of our services center around the spiritual gifts given to the Shaman, Dr. Mark Weisman D.D. of southcentral Alaska. His gifts stem from an inheritance of a 53-generation birthright called the Úlfhé∂nar. The Úlfhé∂nar were given their gift by Odin of Valhalla according to Norse legend that blended a man to the spirit of the wolf. This blending, according to legend made the Úlfhé∂nar impervious to iron or fire during battle, while giving them the ability to destroy their enemies with a single strike by their weapon. As importantly, this gift connected these men to the spiritual realm through their communication with the Landvætti or “spirits of the lands”. These spiritual sources allowed the Úlfhé∂nar to coordinate attacks using these entities, essentially bringing the lands themselves to rise against their enemies. They were terrifying in combat with howls and yelps and biting their shields before actually entering combat. Many have said that this trance-like state was the product of psychedelic concoctions, however, it was actually their ability to cross over to the other realm of existence.

Our Shaman contends that the battles that mankind fights today are no longer of the physical variety, but of the intellect. This battle to maintain our connection to the natural world and the Landvætti within it are a constant source of conflict within the minds of all lifeforms. By utilizing the understandings given to him by the Landvætti, he is able to translate the knowledge into modern-day examples that we can use to help us maintain our spiritual balance. Stripping away the material needs of modern-life, he provides us with time-held understandings that can help us re-establish our journey through our physical lifetime.

There are four major areas that our Shaman teaches his messages of peace, harmony and understanding. Click the images below to review each area in detail.

Guidance Counseling

As a Norse Shaman, he has worked with hundreds of former service members, first responders and civilians alike to help them find the balance within their lives to restore the comfort of the new “normalcy”. Using a simplistic approach, the Shaman directs us in discovering our inner strength, as well as exercises to re-establish our contentment of a happy, prosperous, life. With an comfort dealing with other “alpha” type personalities, the Shaman helps us find ourselves deep within and bring it to the forefront giving us purpose and direction.

The Shaman approaches our mental health challenges, not from the psychological where everything needs to fit neatly into some imaginary box, but rather from a holistic perspective where the physical ailments are associated with our inner spirituality, even if we don’t recognize it ourselves. Easy going and well versed within his own spiritual beliefs, he offers insight as to healing our minds to obtain a new definition of happiness and contentment.

Public Speaking and Voice Talent

While the Shaman does possess advanced degrees in Education and Divinity, his primary mission is to promote the idea of balance within the mind is provided by understanding our spiritual connection to the natural world around us. By embracing the ideas of universal energy, we can understand the effect of negativity and arrest this effect by learning how to control the influence of other spiritual entities that we encounter throughout our lifetime. Because of his understanding of eternal life, he can also speak confidently about consciousness after the physical form passes.

As a voice talent he possesses a smooth, powerful, baritone voice that can be added to any voice project you may have. Feel free to listen to the podcasts to experience the range the Shaman has, and inquire as to providing a sample reading for your project.

Shamanic Rituals and Practices

First and foremost, our Shaman is a Celtic-Norse Shaman with a birthright to the Norse Úlfhé∂nar through 53 generations of Danes before him. Experienced in the trancework, channeling, and divination through the Norse Runes, our Shaman understands the power of Galdr magic from antiquity and offers his services to groups who may be interested in him joining them. In addition, as a recognized Shaman, he has and will officiate weddings, perform birth rituals, as well as the passing from the physical realm.

While the Shaman embraces his Celtic-Norse cultural heritage, he is a former minister of the Christian church and understands the value within the ceremony and formalities of the many different life event rituals. Inquire here to determine if the Shaman can help with your next life event ritual.

Teacher and Podcaster

One of the many ways the Shaman discovered to reach more of the people to inform them of their own intrinsic powers was the internet. Each week the Shaman sits down to record an episode of his teachings and the previous week’s interaction with the international audience on the Wisdom platform. During these messages, the Shaman explains different parts of the use of our energy to heal our physical body, as well as re-establishing the physical – spiritual balance necessary for a healthy life. The podcast, Skáldskapr, is a 30 minute long video and audio presentation that provides this teaching out through all the distributions of podcasts throughout the world.

The Shaman has worked with hundreds of peoples throughout the world with many different perspectives of their own spirituality, and while there may exist some small differences, the bulk of peoples find commonality among the early indigenous beliefs. Sometimes a little commonality provides a different perspective to help each of us to understand others better.

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